Sunday, December 30, 2012

FEMA and Democracy

American citizens and for all I know citizens everywhere are having their freedoms eroded by their government(s). There is no doubt about this.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is supposedly a citizen friendly disaster management agency. It looks anything but that. It's 2012 budget was close on $57 billion. What has the money been spent on? Well you can look at the budget and see what it says the money has been spent on or you can look at the hard evidence.

Just take a look at any number of videos on the Internet and what you see is very disturbing. You will see massive military vehicles, residential camps, many in remote areas, surrounded by double barbed wire fence perimeters and inward facing razor wire on top. You will see hundreds of thousands of multiple body "coffins". You will see senators unwilling or unable to answer simple straightforward questions who have co-sponsored bills they either have no understanding of or understand only too well! You will see FEMA officials stonewalling questions or refusing to make themselves available for questioning. You will see other officials squirming when caught out by "embarrassing" questions about whether or not one may or may not be on their watch list as a potential anti-government activist. This might entail nothing more serious than requesting right to know information on government departments!

We shall return to these issues a little further on. These things are disturbing enough but aligned to massive underground bunkers being built with accompanying airstrips and other infrastructure guarded by military personnel willing to shoot american citizens to protect those inside and we start to see something even more sinister. This is not a government of the people for the people.

Take a look at FEMA's track record on disaster management. Remember hurricane Katrina. Remember New Orleans. How many people are still homeless? Trailer homes remain vacant and unused. What did FEMA actually do when the massive recent storms overwhelmed parts of New York and other areas. I remember ordinary citizens mobilising themselves to help those in need and it was uplifting to see but what did FEMA actually do? Did they take the temporarily homeless into their "residential" camps and feed them? Did they use their massive trucks to evacuate those without transport? What did they do?

How many "residential" concentration camps have been built and where? How many people can they hold individually and in total? Why is it necessary to enclose these "residential" camps with huge barbed wire perimeters and razor wire? Why are there signs outside these camps warning that it is not permitted to take anything into the camps that may be used help those inside to escape? I thought they were "residential" camps for housing people in the event of disaster not prison camps!

What is this executive order creating the provision for the Council of Ten Governors and the creation of ten states from the 52? What happens to the other democratically elected governors? What happens to you? What happens to your rights? What happens to democracy? Will American soldiers be drafted in to impose martial law and licensed to shoot, imprison or torture anyone who does not comply? Comply to what? The theft of their democratic and human rights? What is this nightmare? Why don't you know about it? It's your country, your government, your #FEMA. You paid for every bit of it with your money, blood, sweat and tears! How dare they carry out their duties in secret? They are there to serve you in times of need, not dictate, control or manipulate the American public or create unregulated demonic self serving agendas. That this can happen in the so called land of the free is a condemnation of government and the so called free press! Why is this much vaunted free press not all over the politicians like a bad rash?

Why does a disaster management agency require massive military equipment? That's for the military to provide in time of need. Why does it require fusion centres to enable it to spy on ordinary innocent Americans going about their legal activities and expressing their right to freedom of speech or demanding accountability of those elected by them to serve them?

A disaster management agency is a co-ordinating body. It's job is to link other agencies together to cope with whatever disaster occurs, to co-ordinate. That is the management that is required. What are these agencies? They are essentially, fire, police, medical, transport, sea and air rescue, food supply and temporary accommodation for displaced persons.

FEMA is altogether something different. Why does it need a budget of close on $57 billion per annum? This is money that could be used to boost emergency services, stock food and medical supplies, build refugee camps and so on.

Who does FEMA answer to? It should be you. Why is it that it's activities are shrouded in mystery and secrecy? This is the most worrying aspect of this sinister operation? It's just an emergency management agency! Why the need for secrecy? It is the fact that everything FEMA does is hidden from public view that creates suspicion and mistrust in the first place.

This whole nasty business is very bewildering and the governments past and present are the main architects of their own loss of credibility and national trust. A government that governs secretly is not to be trusted by the people who entrusted it with the privilege of service. When government becomes secretive, it is by definition separating itself from the people. It is no longer serving the people who put it there but pursuing it's own independent agenda to extend it's power and control over the people. The people will not and must never tolerate such abuse of their faith and trust or they will soon find themselves enslaved by the system, no longer free men and women.

Why is the job of homeland security and emergency disaster management combined under FEMA? This makes no sense. Security has nothing to do with disaster relief. Whose idea was this and what was the motive behind this curious marriage of responsibility?

Lastly, who do the military think they work for? There job is to serve and protect the nation, not implement the agendas of the elite. They are not separate from society. They are part of it. They are ordinary Americans with a job, just like every other American. They are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters just like everyone else and they should not forget it and nor should the American people. Why are they so intimidatingly uniformed when on domestic service? The American public are their family not their enemy.

President Obama needs to go back to the drawing board and show the people he is their President and not a FEMA puppet. It would appear he is kept out of the loop on a need to know only basis. He needs to correct this misconception and get to grips with what is going on. He should haul these civil servants across the carpet and make it clear who is in charge here. Above all he needs to implement an effective monitoring system that ensures he is fully informed on the nefarious activities of government agencies. That is the job of the Chief Executive Officer of any organisation. It is he who should leading from the front and standing shoulder to shoulder with the people.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sensory detection based on electrical impulses

Came across this (see link) and thought it relevant to more understanding on how energy in some form is everything.

"Yes, sensory detection really is based on electrical impulses. In essence, a stimulus (be it light photons, molecules in food or whatever) causes a conformational change in a receptor protein, either directly or indirectly. This change in structure starts off a cascade of signalling molecules inside the cell that eventually lead to changes in the relative concentrations of potassium and sodium ions inside and outside the nerve cell. As potassium and sodium have an electrical charge, this causes a change in the electrical potential of the cell, hence it is described as an electrical signal. Hopefully that makes some sense".

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Science in a corner

I believe science has backed itself into a corner because a) it is and always has been obsessed with a beginning and end rationale to everything when in fact simple logic says there is no such thing as a beginning or end to anything and b) it has never adequately factored in the impact of energy on energy.

Since energy exists and cannot emerge from a state devoid of anything it is by definition eternal and infinite. No energy, no anything. Thus everything that is, has emerged from this source of primal eternal energy and is energy in infinite forms.

Every energy form transmits frequencies and receives them and is thus reactive to every other energy form because input and output are constantly changing thus altering the mean average frequency of any given energy form constantly.

Since everything is eternal energy nothing is born and nothing dies but everything transforms all of the time from and to differing vibrational states.

If this reasoning is correct the birth and death of stars like any energy
form is an illusion created by energy in transformation. If one brings everything back to energy, everything appears to make sense including the "paranormal" but as soon as one interprets energy as an entity in its own right, nothing makes sense because it becomes disconnected in the mind from what it actually is, energy.

This interpretation of everything as energy could even explain the concept of a soul. When the biological body breaks down (dies) the energy that gave it function and which resonated at it's own unique combination of frequencies simply continues in a different form. If energy is indestructible this seems logical. This might well be the process that religions regard as the soul leaving the body.

Because religious bodies regard the soul as an entity unlinked to energy, they have never been able to understand how this happens but if one thinks of the soul as energy it makes a lot more sense.

This concept of energy as everything could explain climate change because the effects of solar/cosmic energy activity would naturally impact on our geology and that of all planets in the cosmos since all energy forms are connected to all other energy forms. This in fact appears to be what is happening as cosmologists have noted changes on other planets in our solar system.

Al Gore et al, like science in general has made the huge mistake of looking at Earth as an entity in isolation from the cosmos and not an energy form witin the cosmos. The incoming energy from the cosmos must have a far higher impact on Earth than our activities on Earth and this is why he is at best only partly right and why we are seeing more and more extreme geological events.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time as unreal

As far as I am able to tell from my reading, science still does not have a commonly agreed definitive definition of time but Julian Barbour's is the description that resonates most with me (ref. Wikipedia)

In 5th century BC Greece, Antiphon the Sophist, in a fragment preserved from his chief work On Truth, held that: "Time is not a reality (hypostasis), but a concept (noêma) or a measure (metron)." Parmenides went further, maintaining that time, motion, and change were illusions, leading to the paradoxes of his follower Zeno.[52] Time as an illusion is also a common theme in Buddhist thought.[53][54]
J. M. E. McTaggart's 1908 The Unreality of Time argues that, since every event has the characteristic of being both present and not present (i.e., future or past), that time is a self-contradictory idea (see also The flow of time).
These arguments often center around what it means for something to be unreal. Modern physicists generally believe that time is as real as space—though others, such as

Julian Barbour in his book The End of Time, argues that quantum equations of the universe take their true form when expressed in the timeless realm containing every possible now or momentary configuration of the universe, called 'platonia' by Barbour.[55] (See also: Eternalism (philosophy of time)

Sunday, December 09, 2012

When a bird falls

When an ant climbs up your leg, you feel it. When it drops off, you feel it. So it is with the entity that is the universe because every molecule is connected to every other molecule.

Is this how God knows when a bird falls to ground?

Friday, December 07, 2012

Creation - The Game (An Alien Perspective)

According to Airl the alien in the book Roswell - Alien Interview, the IS-BEs (eternal spirit forms) play games to relieve their boredom. According to the book the IS-BEs created their own individual holographic universes to play with. Over time they came together and decided to combine their work and create a physical objective universe, a real live game, as an experiment.

We also design and play many games to keep ourselves amused. More and more of these are computer games, many of which are largely based on plots involving domination usually through violent means of diverse imaginary enemies. It keeps players amused for hours at a time. I must admit that I have on occasion played them myself and enjoyed them.

Fortunately, when we kill our inanimate enemies in these games nobody really gets hurt. The only damage done is to the brain of the player which could be much more constructively employed for the betterment of him or herself and humanity as a whole. For some reason the makers of these games just dont understand the damage they are doing. Worse still, perhaps they prefer that we remain dumbed down, slaves to their money making products. They clearly do not understand the principles of connectivity nor the value and rewards of putting minds to constructive use. They could be helping solve the scandal of poverty, famine, pollution, the energy dilemna, war and saving the planet that houses us at the same time. When we go down, so do they! They don't seem to understand this simple truth.

Real life games however, played by politicians, dictators, scientists and corporations are far more deadly. These power games can and do cause real suffering and misery as each pursues their own selfish materialistic agendas at the expense of the majority of people on Earth and all it's passengers.

So was/is this universe nothing more than an IS-BE "experiment" and if it is, where does God feature in it? Aril said there is no such thing as a monolithic God. All IS-BEs she says, are creators including us, apparently. She claimed that she was part of an empire called the Domain who she asserted were top galactic dog. The Domain though benign had no particular empathy towards us but made it clear that Earth was theirs and anyone contesting this would be summarily dealt with, so not entirely benign then!

Now comes the $64,000 question! Where and how did the concept of "divinity" come into all this? On the face of it, it seems there is no such thing. However, could it be that "playing" in a physical universe rather than a holographic one was the true beginning of a process leading to a state of awareness of divine enlightenment? The galactics allude in their channeling, to their innocence of any knowledge of evil or consequence.

According to them, the creation of the universe was designed to create only joy. They had no experience of any other state. Their holographic designs were joyous creations that enhanced their state of being. They would have been works of art painted into a blank canvas of opaque infinity. However, they were not real. It was their version of going to the movies only unlike Hollywood their plots were innocent and beautiful. The holographs were not living things, just pictures that gave their creaters an abstract sense of pleasure. They could be created or deleted without consequence.

In the same way when we design and play our computer games we get a form of abstract pleasure from it because we know its not real. Its just a game. We feel no "real" empathy with the fictional figures we delight in killing. Its just a score, not a death. Actions whether negative or positive have no "real" consequences. There's no blood, no grieving relatives, no revenge and no pain.

However, in a physical world there is blood, death, grieving, revenge and so on. We are affected by consequences. Hunger, misery, greed, joy, love all have physical consequences but it seems that these galactic beings/forms had no comprehension of this which is not surprising, all things considered. No surprise either then, that the "experiment" went awry.

Suddenly they were confronted literally by the realities of objective physicality. Suddenly they began experiencing the consequences of action and reaction of which they apparently had little or no concept. They entered the university of life where all states of being exist at different vibrational levels.

This was not how it was supposed to be. What to do? They became trapped in a real game of flesh and blood life. They began competing, arguing and fighting amongst themselves in the same way as we have done for thousands of years. In the long passage of time they begun to realise the only way to overcome strife and conflict was through the application of love and more than that, survival depended on it.

If this is how it happened then this was the moment physical enlightenment began and the moment that the worth of the divine love from which they emerged, found value and comprehension. As above, so below. We too are coming to that point.

Furthermore, love brings huge rewards in terms of self fulfilment resulting ultimately in a state of total bliss. There can be no better outcome to any game. It is the ultimate result and thus becomes the ultimate objective of a successful outcome to the
ultimate game.

However, before we can consider this as logical or feasible account of reality we must
ask and answer the question, where did IS-BEs come from? How were they created and what or who created them? There can only be one possible answer. They emerged from the energy that seperates everything from nothing.

How is this possible? I dont know but if they exist they could not have come from anywhere else. Perhaps they evolved/emerged from a combination of energy waves resonating at specific frequencies. There is no other way since energy is everything and everything is energy. We know frequencies are sounds and that they shape matter. This must be at the heart of creation. This must also be how inanimate matter was transformed into animate matter. It is also how the nature of animate matter is transformed from one state to another.

If God exists and it was he/she/it/they that designed the universe this entity must
have been a consequence of eternal existence rather than it's creator. Unless there is a physics we are unaware of, energy in some form, is without doubt the only possible substance separating everything from nothing. No energy, no anything. The big question, the only question, is what is/was the nature of this energy.

What we can say with some certainty is that because energy cannot emerge from a state devoid of anything, it is eternal and infinite. If this primal energy was resonating at the frequency of pure love, then that has to be the source of divine love, that we call God and from which everything emerged, including possibly the wonderfully innocent but flawed IS-BEs who not understanding or having experienced any other state of being, did not understand the difference between play and reality! Only when one has experienced opposite states can one understand the state in which one exists. This is the meaning of enlightenment and the purpose of the journey.

When Adam ate of the apple of knowledge, he and Eve lost their innocence and moved into the flesh and blood game of life. Their's is the story of the IS-BEs.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The trifle universe no longer exists!

Yesterday I took my father out to lunch. He is 89 and we still play nine holes of golf together most weeks! I had been thinking about time and time travel. As I was doing so some insights materialised with great clarity. I picked him up and as we set off I told him about this.

I had just realised, I told him that time travel is an impossibility a) because there is no such thing as time and b) the past no longer exists. He looked rather quizzically at me. He has been interested in these sort of subjects for a long time and particularly since he read a paper by Dr. Ronald Pearson on Quantum survival

Anyway as we sat down to eat I asked him to define time. He thought about it and eventually came up with numerous descriptions basically describing ” motion”. I said yes that is all there is, perpetual motion.

Time is nothing more than a mathematical concept designed to calibrate/measure points on the wheel so to speak of perpetual motion.

It does not actually exist but motion does. So everything that exists is materialising in the now and disappearing constantly. As NOW vanishes that moment of motion no longer exists. That NOW was the universe in that NOW. It was replaced instantly by another NOW universe and so on ad infinitum.

This brings us back to the concept of time travel. How can one travel back to something which no longer exists (except possibly as an image or sound or memory captured on a recording device be it a book, tape, digital recording or film/video)

Every NOW moment is a unique combination of universal frequencies. It will never be repeated because we are in constant motion which means constant change. Motion is progressive. We know this because you never see an adult reverting to a child or a tree to a sapling.

Thus as the NOW materialises as a result of a unique combination of energy frequencies it also vanishes as a result of the input of new energy frequencies which are altering the ratio of the band wave thus creating new realities perpetually.

As I explained this, my father was busy tucking into and enjoying a trifle desert! As he finished I said that is a perfect example of what I mean. A few minutes/NOWS ago there was a trifle on that plate. Its gone and it can never come back because that moment no longer exists. That was another universe in which we no longer exist. He looked at me, smiled and said you are right!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Theory of God and creation

We and everything in the Universe are a manifestation of something. We call this something God for reasons that are unclear since no one knows who or what God is or how he/she/it came into being. So suggesting we need only look into our hearts to find the something which we call God sounds like gobbledygook to many. However, if we are a manifestation of "God's" essence then of course by looking at and into ourselves we see a part of that essence. I leave you with the following thoughts:

It is clear  that a state of nothing is an impossibility since there is SOMETHING which could not emerge from a state of nothing. Therefore this SOMETHING is by definition an eternal state. The question is what is the SOMETHING? The answer is energy. Nothing can exist let alone evolve without it. Energy is the primal eternal force that  is the difference between nothing and something.

This primal eternal energy must therefore be  the source of all existence. Everything in the objective physical and invisible universe is of or originates from it and is therefore "genetically" connected to it, so to speak.

Energy resonates frequencies of which there are an infinite number. Since this eternal energy source exists in infinity, energy is also infinite. Thus this primal eternal energy = existence = life = energy = life ad infinitum. The universe and everything in it is an energy form resonating at differing frequencies. All energy forms are both receivers and transmitters of energy waves at various frequencies. Love is an energy with a specific frequency as are all thoughts.

To transform these frequencies into a physical image/sound requires that we are tuned in to those channels. Thus the universe is a combination of countless fluctuating frequencies. Our reality is determined by the input/output of all incoming and outgoing frequencies. The more we send out energy waves of love the more we change our reality for the better and visa versa. This is how and why we are joint creators of our own reality.

The Russian physicist Dr. Korotkov's GVD photographic energy detecting technology has already demonstrated that the energy of plants rises or diminishes on detecting the intent of persons in their vicinity. The intent, be it positive or negative is transmitted as energy waves resonating a frequency which the plant is able to detect. There can be no other rational explanation. It demonstrates perfectly the connectivity of one energy form with another.

This is where science and spirituality join. The Bible tells us that God is love. Love is an energy form. A self sustaining creation can only be built on love or the wave energy of love. One built on any other energy form would inevitably self destruct since it would contain elements of conflict.

It is said that in "the beginning was the word and the word was with God". In a sense this theory confirms this except the word is in fact a sound wave frequency of the emotion of "love" and "love" is the word we give this sound wave. Thus one might say the "God energy" is truly love from which everything has emerged. God is the energy of creation, one might say. Since everything emerges from this primal energy, everything is related and thus connected to it.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Space Resonance Theory - Milo Wolff

Particle Properties require Perception-communication Between Particles.
If there were no means for each particle to sense the presence of other matter in its universe, the required dimensional relationships above could not be established. How can a particle possess a property which is dependent on other particles, if there is no way for the particles to impart their presence to each other? Without communication, each particle would be alone in its own separate universe. Therefore continual two-way perceptive communication between each particle and other matter in its universe is needed to establish the laws of nature. The laws are then established in terms of the dimensions (units) established by the ensemble of matter.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Peace is the way.

This article highlights the absolute futility of war. Politicians make wars, not people. Hamas is exploiting the Palestinian people to achieve their own objectives. They are so ruthless they are prepared to use their own people as human shields.

The Isreali government continues to flout U.N. Resolutions by building settlements on Palestinian land making any peace settlement more difficult. Furthermore, the Isreali government deliberately blocks peace settlements by imposing conditions it knows are unacceptable and unfulfillable.

Having initiated war to appease egotistic ambitions, unscrupulous, power hungry politicians of both governments hastily retreat to their bomb proof bunkers leaving innocent Palestinians and Isrealis to die in their homes and in the streets.

You will notice that just about every commentator, media or political, talks of the conflict as though it were between the people of Palestine and Isreal. This is a deliberate attempt by those in government and media to cast the people rather than the governments as the culprits. In truth the people have little say in the matter. They are being mislead and exploited by their so called leaders, none of whom understand the meaning or responsibilities of leadership.

These so called leaders are not humble. They are arrogant. They visibly lack wisdom, humanity, compassion or any understanding of their roles as leaders. The truth is that security can only and is only guaranteed by peace. They would have us believe that it can only be secured by superior force. This is a lie.

Never in the history of mankind has any nation succeeded in imposing it's will through the use of force over the longer term. War is the weapon of the inconscient and inconsience is the ignorance of wisdom. We have been fed lies for centuries by those that consider themselves the elite. Their only motive is their own insatiable desire for power and control. Ordinary people have been their pawns and have died in the webs of deceit they weave in order to attain their selfish goals.

The ordinary Palestinian people, like the ordinary Jewish people and ordinary people everywhere want a few simple things. They want food on the table. They want to be able to live and bring up their families in peace. They want education and they want friendship with their brothers and sisters around the world.

This is the role and responsibility of leadership and world leaders have and are failing abysmally in their sworn duty of care to provide peace for their people and humanity as a whole.

We are not Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Hindus or any other religion. This is another lie we are taught to believe to divides us all. We are not Arabs, Asians, Europeans or Africans. That is yet another illusion we have been brainwashed into believing. What we are is humanity. We are all without exception, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters and their Is no difference between us except in shades of skin colour and outward characteristics. Inside though we are all the same and we all want the same things. Above all we want peace.

It is our politicians that want war to accomplish their own selfish agendas and it is time for the people of the world, all over the world to take to the streets, hold hands and say long and loud, enough. Give us peace or we will follow no more. We will make the peace between ourselves. We will join together, walk together, play together, eat together, dance together and work together. We will build joint inter-communal groups and share this wonderful planet and all it has to offer, together.

That is the sacred duty of leadership.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The big questions answered.

Here is the most extraordinary account of a near death experience I have ever read. If you want to know the answers to all your questions about life, death, the universe and much more, take some time to read this incredible account. It is truly astounding.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Australian X Files

When it comes to UFOs it's probably sensible to look more closely at official government files for hard data rather than obscure Internet videos that may or may not be genuine.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to trust government sources any more than the obscure videos on You Tube or elsewhere despite laws requiring disclosure of secret files after a set period of time. Since we are never privy to the number of files or extent of the data bases to begin with, we cannot verify if they have indeed released ALL the files.
That which is not verifiable cannot be verified and is thus untrustworthy.

Nevertheless, I intend to take a look at what has been released and publish from time to time those files that remain inconclusive by providing links or copying and pasting, starting with the Australian files. Conveniently or unfortunately as the case may be, many of the files that should have been released are missing, lost or destroyed which impinges on the credibility of the Australian authorities from the outset.

Herewith follows some of the more interesting details that escaped the shredder or inexplicably disappearing. On that point incidentally, it s not the loss that so much arouses my curiosity as the fact that no one who had any knowledge of their content has come forward to divulge that information. Maybe they signed the secrets act or maybe they just have bad memories. You make up your own minds.


IS there anyone out there? The government certainly thinks so after it released a batch of UFO files from sightings in Aussie airspace.

Burn marks on golf courses, "silvery" airborne objects and white moving lights are among the more unusual sightings reported to The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which examines near misses or unidentified objects that could interfere with transport safety.

The most recent log with the ATSB was of a "bright orange light" seen shortly after midnight in Mackay on January 25 last year. "Reported seeing a bright orange light with a dark centre appearing from the horizon, turning 90 degrees and took off into the distance at high velocity with no sound," the report said.

"The object was captured on iPhone. I referred him to the UFO hotline."

Among the more notable sightings was an incident on November 8, 1998, when a pilot flying out of Perth reported seeing "an unidentified flying object" in "bright red/orange" about 30m below his aircraft. The pilot described the object as about 2m wide and "travelling very fast".

Below is a selection of records in the Archives' collection that relate to UFOs. To find further records of interest, you can search the collection.


Unidentified flying objects (UFOs)

The National Archives holds a number of records relating to unidentified flying objects (UFOs), flying saucers and other unidentified aerial sightings. Most of these records date from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, when public interest in UFOs was high and many sightings were reported to Commonwealth authorities.

There was no specific government agency responsible for the collecting and analysing these sightings, so responsibility fell on the Department of Air. The Department collected reports from defence force members, pilots and air traffic controllers,
meteorologists and the general public. During the peak of interest in UFOs the
department investigated some reports, trying to establish whether the sighting could be
attributed to low flying aircraft, weather balloons or meteorological phenomena.

Reports were also collected by other agencies involved in air safety, research and
intelligence, including the CSIRO, the Joint Intelligence Organisation, the Weapons
Research Establishment at Maralinga, and the Department of Transport. The Department of
Territories kept reports from Papua New Guinea.

Below is a selection of records in the Archives' collection that relate to UFOs. To
find further records of interest, you can search the collection.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Milliband reveals his true colours at Labour Party Conference

Mr. Milliband gave his keynote speech to the Labour Party Conference today. His theme was one Nation, first espoused by D'Isreali and reiterated by Clement Attlee, Tony Blair and David Cameron. Yes indeed, there is nothing new under the sun. We've heard it all before. He knows that in order to win the next election he has to occupy the middle ground and win back those newly won-over Labour voters they let down so badly last time around.

Nothing changes. The game is as old as the hills and talk is cheap so why not talk till the cows come home? The problem is that after a while talking the talk without walking the walk makes it not only cheap but worthless.

Mr. Milliband then reverted to type and tried to create a false impression of Tory evil by inserting into the public conscious that when the top rate of income tax comes down in April, Mr. Cameron would be giving cheques for £40,000 to every millionaire including himself. Of course he omitted that he is also a millionaire.

Mr. Milliband hoisted himself in his own petard and showed that his grasp of economics as well as truth is extremely tenuous. Tax cuts affect income not overall wealth. There are over three hundred thousand millionaires in the UK but there are only 6000 people who earn a million pounds or more per annum one of which is not the Prime Minister whose salary as PM is considerably less.

This was a cynical piece of slander and a feeble bit of spin. In weaving this crude web of deceit, Mr. Milliband showed he does not understand the tax system or the difference between wealth and income. Nor does he understand the meaning or value of integrity. Vote for him and we are more likely to join Greece as an economic basket case than extricate ourselves from recession and debt.

If he wanted to convince us that he was different, he should have been different. Sadly he showed us he is just another carbon copy wannabe Prime Minister, no different from many before him.

Like most politicians, he cannot resist the temptation to make himself "appear" saintly by casting his rival as the devil. Instead of showing us how he is different, he merely shows us how he is the same, presenting old platitudes under the guise of "new" philosophy. It really is extremely disappointing.

A great man/woman has no need to resort to spin, slander and pettiness. Greatness is underpinned by integrity, great radical ideas and actions that speak for themselves.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Consciousness of water and plants

If animals and plants are largely made of water and water is conscious then everything that contains water has consciousness!

Thus consciousness is embedded in the molecules that make up the universe. To me this makes sense as I do not see how anything can be created unless the building blocks are aware of their function in construction or for that matter destruction.

A state of unconscious chaos can only create more unconscious chaos since it has no awareness of itself and therefore no capacity to structure itself into an orderly state
of any kind. A state of unconscious chaos would have to have awareness of itself to exist and since it has no such consciousness it cannot exist.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Playing God with the weather

For those who think that the extreme weather conditions, drought in the USA, floods in China, Japan, UK and elsewhere are attributable solely to gobal warming, think again.

Scientists and Governments in their arrogance and ignorance are under the illusion that they can treat nature as their own personal plaything. They see themselves as separate and above nature when in reality we are a collection of virtually indiscernible molecules in an infinite universe of molecules. Unless we live in harmony with nature, nature will destroy us.

Weather systems are so dynamic, complex and powerful it is impossible to calculate all the possible permutations that could occur as a result of manipulating them. There is no way of knowing with any certainty the consequences of altering patterns of rainfall in one place on another place. We cannot possibly compute the effect on atmospheric conditions, plant life, soil conditions, bacteria, health and disease by altering what has taken nature billions of years to create. The arrogance of those who so casually and carelessly play God with nature is so mind boggling it defies description.

It must be stopped and those responsible called to account. We are not nor ever can separate ourselves from that which we are a part. It is up to us to fall in line with nature in order to ensure our survival, not the other way around which can only end badly for us.

Quite simply, we do not have a choice but to live in harmony with nature. We must change our ways not the weather. If those that lead us do not understand this simple truth, they understand nothing.

Friday, June 29, 2012

When will they realise?

When will all the would be comptrollers, realise that social adhesion, respect for authority and the building of a common destiny never has and never can be built on lies, deceit and illusions. When will they realise that real good can only prevail if truth and integrity prevail and nothing worth a pittance will ever come from a philosophy, of spin, half truths and outright deceit.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The demise of journalism

There was a time when journalism was a respected profession. Sadly much of it is now either absolute tripe or opinionated propaganda. Most reasonably intelligent people see through it and ignore it. The journalists on the other hand remain under the illusion that we are all stupid. More fool them!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Cosmic microwave background radiation

Some facts of interest on the frequencies of CmB (cosmic microwave background).

The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) is the isotropic, electromagnetic radiation which resulted from the explosion of the universe between 15 and 18 billion years ago. This theory, accepted by many but not all, is called The Big Bang theory. The Big Bang was the explosion of the universe from the extremely small, dense, and hot conditions of the early universe. The photons and baryons present in this environment formed plasma, a gas of ionized matter united with the radiation also found in the atmosphere. After the universe exploded, the temperature decreased and the universe began to expand very rapidly. Particles such as electrons, neutrinos, protons, and neutrons, which were non-existent in the era before the explosion due to the extremely high temperatures began to form in the cooler temperatures. For the next 300,000 years, the particles scattered around the universe. The universe was opaque because the photons constantly bumped into the additional particles, such as the electrons, protons, and neutrinos, thus not allowing the photons to travel far distances. Anytime the protons and electrons attempted to combine, the photons had enough energy to rip them apart. Eventually, the temperature decreased so greatly that it was possible for the electrons and protons to combine without intervention from the photons, and neutral hydrogen atoms were formed. This period in time is referred to as "recombination.""Recombination"turned the formerly opaque universe transparent. In turn, matter and radiation were disunited. The photons were able to travel throughout the universe, free from interaction with matter. The vast array of photons that roam the universe is now what we refer to as Cosmic Microwave Background.

Cosmic Microwave Background is the greatest evidence in support of the Big Bang theory. Due to the constant expansion of the universe, the radiation had cooled to 2.73 K. The cmB is isotropic, meaning that it is uniform throughout the universe in all directions. The cmB spectrum is a perfect blackbody, or an object capable of absorbing all the electromagnetic radiation that it comes in contact with. By observing the cmB, scientists can learn a great deal about the universe after the big bang. The cmB does not have one specific frequency, but many frequencies throughout the microwave range. The peak frequency is 160.4 GHz. The frequencies range from 0.3 GHz to 630 GHz.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Creation v evolution

Whether you are a creationist or evolutionists it is self evident that evolution is a necessity for the expansion of life. No doubt science can explain much of the process but certainly not all. How for example did life organise itself into an interconnected, interdependent, self balancing chain? How did cells decide that they should evolve into specific organs, skeletons and species and so on? Unproven assumptions are made by both evolutionists and creationists based on the observable world i.e. we started as single cells which over a period of time developed organs, skeletons, legs, arms, wings ad infinitum. No one however has ever convincingly explained how.

I've watched a lot of David Attenbrough programs on the natural world and we are asked simply to "accept" that these steps occurred without any proof or explanation as to how! This however does not lend more or less support to either the creationist or evolutionists camps. It simply leaves a gap in our understanding.

It is because science cannot answer all the questions that philosophers come into their own. They go into realms that science by it's very nature cannot. Science studies the world through microscopes rather like a mechanic trying to work out how a machine functions or not as the case may be. He is not concerned with who made the rocks from which the metals were made or the fossils from which the plastics and fuel were derived. He is concerned only about how the engine functions. He is in fact analysing a creation that has evolved from brimstone and fire so to speak.

That is what scientists do. They analyse a creation that exists. One cannot study the inexistent. If that creation is the manifestation of an intelligent consciousness and they cannot prove that it is not, then they are studying the work of it's creator.

If on the other hand the creation is a freak random accident with no purpose or logic doomed to extinction, then life is a pointless exercise in futility, as is evolution and all the suffering and rare joy that it entails. It is all for nothing and that includes the science behind it. Why bother to evolve? Why bother to understand? Why suffer? None of it has any purpose. That is an intolerable and senseless state in which there are no consequences for right or wrong. What does it matter whether we destroy ourselves and the world, whether we rape, pillage or murder? The end result would be the same whether we make peace, love and build or make war, hate and destroy! Is that believable? Is that more believable than the opposite state where right and wrong matter and everything has purpose and consequence? The answer is there for all to see.

We now know thanks to quantum physics that because everything including ourselves is made of exactly the same matter, the entire universe and ourselves are part of a unified entity. Could the universe function in an orderly and balanced way, if everything was separate and disconnected from everything else. The answer has to be absolutely impossible. Thus there IS purpose in the design without which it could not function. That purpose is reflected in everything we see including and especially evolution.

The purpose of evolution is to attain perfection. Compare the first automobile with today's design or the first flying machine with Concorde. Compare the first organisms with the complex life forms we now see. Compare the ignorance of stone age humanity with the growing enlightenment of modern beings. In the face of the overwhelming evidence that surrounds us one cannot but conclude that life is filled with purpose and that there is a right way and a wrong way, the consequences of which are clearly visible.

The only possible conclusion is that the universe is a conscious entity. This is becoming clearer with experiments showing consciousness in plants and even water. Everything is conscious at some level. As already stated it is impossible to see how the universe could function without being self conscious. Indeed this universal consciousness must be an evolving entity because everything is a reflection of its own nature. What we see around us is the evidence of it's own truth. To pretend that that which we witness all around us is other than it is, is the greatest deception of all.

I therefore see no conflict between evolution and creationism. They are one and the same thing. Evolution is the result of struggle without which universal life would inevitably stagnate and wither. Through struggle life adapts and becomes stronger. Thus there is purpose in struggle and thus there is purpose in life. Our universe is flourishing and expanding as it must in order to survive. This is not a freak random phenomenon that came from nothing (scientifically impossible) that will end in nothing. There never was nothing and there will never be nothing. Out of nothing, nothing can come.

More thoughts on consciousness

Many experiments have been carried out that indicate plant consciousness. It has also been observed in water. This suggests that everything possesses consciousness at some level which in turn indicates that the entire universe is a conscious entity. Indeed I do not see how it could function without a connective and/or collective consciousness.

Everything derives from energy. We are energy. Energy is the source of creation. The laws of physics are what give order to the universe. These laws are in-built into the sub-atomic particles that make up the universe. These particles must therefore contain consciousness.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The nature of reality?

I came across this statement in an email.

"Everything you experience in life, every event, occurrence, object, person –
is nothing more than a figment of your own thoughts, beliefs and words".

My thoughts on this concept of reality are the following:

Whilst there is much debate about the true nature of reality the above I am certain is some way off the mark. If you think about it logically, the idea that everything you experience is a figment of one's own thoughts is ludicrous. Much happens in life that one could never imagine and therefore one could not have thought into your own reality. Why would one seek famine, torture, rape, poverty, war and so on? If it were my choice I would live in paradise surrounded by joy and happiness.

However that is not the reality we perceive which is more often than not a tapestry of many colours and emotions, some of which are those we choose whilst others are diametrically opposed. Therefore if anything, we experience a combination of our own reality  intermingled with that of others. It could not possibly be otherwise since everything is inter-connected.

We therefore must experience a collective reality which in extreme cases collides with and even overruns our individual thoughts or desires. In other words our "reality" often conflicts with that of others. For example Hitler's reality massively affected the collective reality. I did not dream up or wish this abomination upon myself or anybody else. Nor did I "invent" Gadaffi, Saddam Hussein, Robert Mugabe, Idi Amin or any other vile dictator. Nevertheless we all experienced their twisted visions. The same could be said of many positive experiences. These are equally overlaid with the imprint of universal consciousness of which my thoughts are a minute part.

Most ordinary mortals/souls desire love, peace and harmony. When the opposite realities of such ego-maniacs collide with ours a battle of wills ensues and the dream turns into a nightmare. We experience both states whether we want to or not. This could not be clearer.

The input of both negative and positive energy constantly affects  the overall frequency of universal consciousness which is possibly what forms the reality we experience. No thought or mind is an island unto itself. How could it be? The idea that your reality is "nothing more than a figment of your own thoughts" is clearly a flawed one and serves only to confuse rather than enlighten us as to the true nature of reality and the entity we call God.

What do you think?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Searching for the nature of God

The next big question that needs resolving is the nature or form of the creator. I do not pretend to know who or what God is. I claim only to have reflected upon the question deeply for almost longer than I care to remember. The following are therefore merely my reflections in written form.

The image of a wise old man with a white beard in the sky is of a God made in our image. That is highly improbable as as I am sure most would agree. Therefore if there is a God we must search for a more plausible understanding that somehow ties in with the reality we perceive and our limited understanding of science as well as the insights of ancient and modern mystics.

In brief the only answer I can come up with is that the universe and everything in it is derived from a source of energy. Without it nothing would exist. I have to believe if there were a God he/she/it would have to be in some way, shape or form a source of energy, perhaps the source of energy from which everything emerged. If this were so this source or force would have to be conscious and intelligent, perhaps the source of all consciousness. This energy the source of consciousness would be the driving force of everything both visible and invisible. From it would emerge all the forces that combine to create the visible and invisible universe. Einstein said that if there are laws (of physics) then logically there must be a law maker. These laws are encoded in the molecules that make up the universe and everything in it.

The universe is itself illusory. The molecules from which everything is made are 99% empty space yet the objects we see appear solid. Scientists tell us that if the solid matter contained in every human on Earth were collected and combined it would be no larger than a sugar cube! These are mind boggling facts that are almost beyond our comprehension. In essence we see objectivity where in reality there is only empty space. It's almost as though someone or something has painted a picture on a blank canvas; only the canvas is emptiness. I have never seen a painting materialise out of thin air. A painting requires an artist and his paints. Furthermore the artist must possess a consciousness that enables him or her to envisage the image he wishes to create. Above all he needs energy to undertake his task. This is I think a good analogy because it encompasses the necessary functions of the creative process.

For it to work though we need some evidence of the nature of consciousness. What is it? Is it a function of the mind or is it an external force that is visibly imbued in the fabric of the universe itself? To try and answer this question I have read up on experiments that indicate that plants and water possess consciousness. Plants, it is claimed have a higher level of conscious than some lower levels of insects and animals. Like plants, water apparently responds consciously to positive and negative frequency stimulation as do we humans. Interestingly we are ourselves largely composed of water as are plants. If this is true then there is a strong possibility we will discover consciousness at some level everywhere and in everything in the universe. Indeed the entire universe may well be a conscious entity. It is therefore not beyond the bounds of reason that the universe is a manifestation of consciousness and that consciousness is what we call God. As we are discovering, everything appears to be interconnected to everything else. This interconnection indicates that there is no objective separation of galaxies planets, plants or other elements such as water or ourselves. In which case the whole universe is an active and reactive single conscious entity where everything is connected to everything else.

In other word the entire universe is the manifestation of it's creator, the entity or force we call "God".

This explanation of the nature and form of God is I believe one that is believable. It is that of the artist, the grand designer rather than one occupied by the petty detail of our personal lives. It is nevertheless no less comforting because I do believe the words, "God is love" is at the heart of this consciousness. There is a good argument to be made for this hypothesis but that must be for another time. Suffice it to say that when one acts out of love the world becomes a much brighter place. There is enormous comfort and hope in this vision of God. If we follow the path of enlightened love we can raise our levels of consciousness and become part of the blissful and boundless joy that such a state can bring. If not we walk blindly and joylessly  on a path of darkness. These appear to be self evident,  fundamental, eternal  and inescapable truths, the only real truths that really exist. This is the truth of God in my humble view.

Lastly, I have never believed that the universe spontaneously self combusted into existence from a state of nothingness. A state of nothingness is a contradiction in terms. If it existed it would be something. It is therefore an impossibllity. This being the case there can never have been a beginning nor can there be an ending. There is just an eternal state of being and this state of being is in constant evolution. This concept defies the understanding of science which must have a beginning and an end to everything and that is why science continually finds itself going down blind alleys. They have as yet failed to understand that if God exists he/she/it is the science they study. If this is right, God is the ultimate law maker, the artist par excellence.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The purpose of struggle

Looking at the world at large it has long been clear that greed, corruption, selfishness, false ideology, ego and superficiality are the driving forces that shape the planet and our existence in it. Our world is a reflection of our state of mind or if you prefer our consciousness or lack of it. The result is injustice, inequality, famine, terrorism, pollution and so on. Clearly unless we change course and raise our consciousness we are heading for the abyss. It is therefore obvious that the "truth" does not lie in the path we are following. The suffering of the world is a direct result of these dark ego driven forces. Our suffering is largely self imposed. It is no good blaming God. We are where we are because we ignore the only truth that can make a difference, the truth that is love. If we put love at the heart of everything we do, the existance of greed, corruption, etc., would no longer take centre stage. Thus the path of enlightenment can only be found in the light of love.

The problem is that the human condition is a paradox, a diaspora of contradictions that makes struggle and conflict inevitable. Why? What is the purpose of this suffering? It appears to be in-built into the design of creation which would seem on the surface to be the work of a cruel and heartless creator. Of all the questions that need an answer this is perhaps the most important.

Having thought long and hard on the subject, I can only conclude that perfection cannot be created with the wave of a magic wand at the outset. Perfection like creation is an evolutionary process. Perfection is the end result of creation not the starting point. If everything were perfect at the outset, we would have no understanding of it without having an equal understanding of the opposite state. We must therefore make that journey that leads us eventually to that state of bliss. If that is true and I must believe it is then it would indicate that existence is experienced in many planes. As our consciousness evolves we transit from one plane of existence to another. This leads me to believe that "God" is also an evolving entity. If we consider that everything in the universe is undergoing a process of evolution and if the universe is a manifestation of "God", this would make sense.

So in brief enlightenment can only be acquired through struggle. This principle is in-built into the fabric of nature and thus seems logical as well as necessary for the evolution of everything including the spirit. This said, God has also given us the the key to enlighlightenment. All we have to do is look for it and use it. The Bible tells us "God is love".

Searching For The Truth

I think from an early age I felt we were being spoon fed a distortion of the "truth" from organised religion, politicians and scientists. Nothing quite rang true. This mistrust Has caused me to question perceived wisdoms to this day.

According to most religions there is only one God. Why then are there so many religions each with their own interpretation of God's message which is after all, a very simple one. It is that of love. Where is the love in the burning of heretics,  the stoning of women who commit adultery or the murder of innocents in the supposed name of God? These atrocities clearly have nothing to do with a God of love. They reflect rather a distortion of the truth and the imperfection of the human condition exploited ruthlessly by those who seek to build their own empires.

Perhaps this distortion of the truth is made easier by those who exploit religion for their own purpose because neither orthodox religion nor science reveal the nature or form of the entity they call God. This gap in understanding leaves ample room for doubt and cynacism. This casts doubt on the authenticity of both the entity and the message. Science cannot prove or disprove the existence of God. Indeed it does not acknowledge that the process of creation might possibly be the work of an intelligent force and therefore discounts the possibility from it's theories at the outset. For scientists this process is nothing more than physics, a series of natural laws that evolved spontaneously and without specific purpose or meaning out of nothing! This thinking simply defies the logic of the creative process they are studying.

As far as orthodox religions are concerned their number and mixed messages obscure the issues surrounding God and the creation still further lending more ammunition to the sceptics. Neither the religious or scientific communities appear capable of casting luminosity on the biggest question of all. Is there or is there not an intelligence behind the creation and if there is what is it's nature and form?

If scientists are right, their is no logic in the creation of the universe and therefore ironically no logic or indeed useful purpose in studying it. The purpose of science therefore would appear to be the study of a meaningless and purposeless creation. It also means their endeavours are equally futile and implies that life itself in all it's myriad forms is valueless; that evolution is also entirely pointless since it's ultimate destination is extinction. The idea is so ludicrous it cannot logically be entertained as a serious concept. It runs contrary to the visible evidence presented by all life forms which display a ferocious struggle for survival.It defies the very logic that surrounds us. It dismisses utterly the intelligent  balance of nature which sustains life everywhere. In my view this is a form of scientific heresy. Fortunately heretics are no longer burned at the stake!

The religious communities are equally risible, sticking as they do to an almost prehistoric concept of God and creation. No wonder we have wandered blindly into a darkened alley that leads no where worth going.

Although the human race is heading hell bent like lemmings to the precipice, the universe shows no signs of following in our footsteps. On the contrary it is expanding rapidly contrary to earlier scientific theory. Through the telescope we see the mirror image of the fierce struggle for survival of life forms on Earth. This is a clue that cannot be dismissed. Life has no intention of jumping off a cliff. Life is designed to survive not to die. This visible evidence is sufficient in it's own right to strongly suggest that scientists need to re-evaluate and begin to accept the possibility that the laws of physics are indeed there for a purpose, to promote and sustain life and that means that life also has purpose.

As Einstein said, if there are laws, it's logical to assume there is a law maker. How can we not conclude that we need to follow a different path, one guided by a more profound truth rather than the distorted vision of it, that we have adopted. We need to understand that our version of the truth is a lie.

Unless integrity, honesty and love are at the core of everything we do, we cannot hope to achieve positive outcomes. It's very, very simple. THAT is the TRUTH.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Looking for consciousness

The brain like a computer or a combustion engine is a machine. You can analyse the function of a machine till the cows come home looking for consciousness and you will find nothing but the machine. Feed enough data into a computer and it will design you a car. Of course that does not mean it is conscious. In this context therefore Dennett  the philospher is right when he says there is no such thing as consciousness but only because he's looking for shoes in a butcher's shop! Consciousness is not found in function but in emotion. Consciousness is in being and being is in every molecule in the universe the whole of which is a conscious entity. Consciousness is present everywhere and in everything. Google "plant consciousness experiments" and astonish yourself. When you have finished go to YouTube and look at the "consciousness of water" videos.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Understanding Consciousness

The multiverse is a sentient organism. Everything in it is therefore necessarily conscious at some level, be it mineral, vegetable or animal. This understanding of the Consciousness of everything is an amazing breakthrough in our understanding of the reality in which we exist.

Understanding this changes the way we treat each other, the world and everything in it. It changes the way we lead our lives and enhances greatly the value we place on what really matters. It raises our spiritual Consciousness and that is what changes the world.

Peace, justice and equality can only be achieved by a shift in our consciousness and understanding of the nature of the universe. An unconscious mind is blind, callous, greedy, materialistic and ego-centric. It is the world we live in today, a world that manifests all these characteristics with the consequences we see all around us.

You owe it to yourself to raise your understanding of the extraordinary truth and nature of the reality of our connected existence. The answers are right there before our very eyes in the wonders that surround us.

Click on the title to learn more about plant consciousness. It will open your eyes and expand your mind.

Do it and your lives will be enriched beyond measure.