Friday, October 20, 2006

Random thoughts of a tired fella

More than 20 million Africans have died in wars over the last 30 years. One million people were slaughtered in just 100 days in the genocide in Rwanda. What did the international community do? What is it doing in Darfur now or Zimbabwe?

We fret about Wayne Rooney's broken metatarsal lest he not be fit for the World Cup but everyday hundreds of children lose limbs to landmines in current and past war zones around the world. Do they make the headlines?

We spend millions of pounds voting on appalling reality TV shows, stream fed to us by brain dead television producers determined that we should all become morons.

We make many undeserving nobodies into celebrities while the real heroes in our society, the nurses, firemen and others remain anonymous and relatively poorly paid.

Great things are done everyday by ordinary people but we never hear about them.

Our soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians die by the arms we manufacture and sell to warlords and dictators. What do we do then? We send aid to the hapless victims of these weapons, to rehabilitate their shattered lives and economies at great expense to taxpayers and much profit to fat cat corporations. That's a grisly little merry-go-round don't you think?

Why are we not seeking alternatives modern solutions to old intransigent problems.? On the other hand, why use dialogue or the instruments of international law when you can use B52s? Why use a handshake and smile when you can use a Kalashnikov? Well I can think of millions of reasons why, and they will never see another sunrise.

Lenders freely loan money to those that can least afford more debt against assets they are bound to lose. Why? Because its easier to entrap the poor into borrowing beyond their means than the rich. It is exploitation of the basest kind.

We exploit developing countries to produce ever cheaper goods for the rich. Mr. Brown the Chancellor pats himself on the back and takes the credit for low inflation. Enough said!

In conclusion and without labouring the point further, we inexorably speed unwittingly and most carelessly towards our own demise, because we never do what is philosophically and morally right, only what is politically convenient.


Talking of Global Warming

Governments play on their fiddles. Rain forests burn unabated, emitting huge amounts of green house gases into the atmosphere, reducing rainfall and altering weather patterns without any help from other industrial activities. River beds are drying. Deserts are expanding. Crops and animals are dying and famine is spreading. Stop the destruction of rain forests and we will go a long way to reducing carbon emissions. So what are governments doing to stop the destruction? Why can they not put an immediate stop to it? Strangely, I came upon this passage in the book of Revelations: "The leaves (of the trees) are for the healing of the nations". Well doh! Wake up you dozy dumb nuts and get your fat Presidential arses moving and do something worthwhile for a change, like save the planet and all our sorry behinds!

Global warming they cry! We are 10 years from the point at which it becomes irreversible, they warn. Ten years!

Well if we are only ten years away from turning our planet into just another sterile dust bowl, may I suggest we go out and party; because it's too damn late now.

Actually it's not all doom and gloom, at least not for the two or three billion who will survive. Ole Mother Earth will do what she has to. She will reduce carbon emissions by reducing us and we will have no one to blame but ourselves, except for those fat arsed Presidents of course!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Time for Muslims to step up to the plate

It's time for the USA and it's allies to pull out of Iraq and replace their forces with muslim forces from the Arab and Asian countries. It is as much, if not more, their responsibility to ensure order and respect for human rights in their geo-political and geographical region. It's way past time for them to take their heads out of the sand and step up to the plate.

The consequences for not doing so will be dire for the entire world, not least for the muslims themselves, no thanks to Bush and the incomprehensible stupidity of his neo-conservative masters.

As for Blair, he will not be pardoned by the British nation or by history for complying meekly with Bush's folly. Having said that the entire international community is equally guilty of not standing shoulder to shoulder aginst the tyranny of criminal governments who commit genocide and other appaling crimes against their citizens.

No one and no country comes out of this mess with any credit whatsoever.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Revealed: The Day When We'll All Die Thursday October 12, 03:50 PM

News Item:

Scientists have calculated the year when the human race will cease to exist. It will be October 31, otherwise known as Halloween. But there is no need to worry yet as the year is 2,252,006 - more than two-and-a-quarter million years from now.
The date was announced by a team of European geologists and palaeontologists after millions of fossils from central Spain were analysed.
It confirms suspicions that mammal species have an average lifespan of 2.5 million years and modern man has already been around for 250,000 years.
The reason for the life cycle is thought to be a blip in the Earth's orbit which means it does not get as close to the sun as usual, triggering rapid cooling.
A report in Nature Journal says the subsequent ice age would destroy all human life.


Scientific mumbo jumbo, hogwash. The way the World is going it will be long before the above date!

If we survive 2.25 mio years we will (being intelligent mammals) have found ways to survive elsewhere and/or here for as long as the planet remains habitable. Scientists are like Doctors, they should be taken with a large pinch of salt.