Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Milliband reveals his true colours at Labour Party Conference

Mr. Milliband gave his keynote speech to the Labour Party Conference today. His theme was one Nation, first espoused by D'Isreali and reiterated by Clement Attlee, Tony Blair and David Cameron. Yes indeed, there is nothing new under the sun. We've heard it all before. He knows that in order to win the next election he has to occupy the middle ground and win back those newly won-over Labour voters they let down so badly last time around.

Nothing changes. The game is as old as the hills and talk is cheap so why not talk till the cows come home? The problem is that after a while talking the talk without walking the walk makes it not only cheap but worthless.

Mr. Milliband then reverted to type and tried to create a false impression of Tory evil by inserting into the public conscious that when the top rate of income tax comes down in April, Mr. Cameron would be giving cheques for £40,000 to every millionaire including himself. Of course he omitted that he is also a millionaire.

Mr. Milliband hoisted himself in his own petard and showed that his grasp of economics as well as truth is extremely tenuous. Tax cuts affect income not overall wealth. There are over three hundred thousand millionaires in the UK but there are only 6000 people who earn a million pounds or more per annum one of which is not the Prime Minister whose salary as PM is considerably less.

This was a cynical piece of slander and a feeble bit of spin. In weaving this crude web of deceit, Mr. Milliband showed he does not understand the tax system or the difference between wealth and income. Nor does he understand the meaning or value of integrity. Vote for him and we are more likely to join Greece as an economic basket case than extricate ourselves from recession and debt.

If he wanted to convince us that he was different, he should have been different. Sadly he showed us he is just another carbon copy wannabe Prime Minister, no different from many before him.

Like most politicians, he cannot resist the temptation to make himself "appear" saintly by casting his rival as the devil. Instead of showing us how he is different, he merely shows us how he is the same, presenting old platitudes under the guise of "new" philosophy. It really is extremely disappointing.

A great man/woman has no need to resort to spin, slander and pettiness. Greatness is underpinned by integrity, great radical ideas and actions that speak for themselves.

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