Sunday, December 30, 2012

FEMA and Democracy

American citizens and for all I know citizens everywhere are having their freedoms eroded by their government(s). There is no doubt about this.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is supposedly a citizen friendly disaster management agency. It looks anything but that. It's 2012 budget was close on $57 billion. What has the money been spent on? Well you can look at the budget and see what it says the money has been spent on or you can look at the hard evidence.

Just take a look at any number of videos on the Internet and what you see is very disturbing. You will see massive military vehicles, residential camps, many in remote areas, surrounded by double barbed wire fence perimeters and inward facing razor wire on top. You will see hundreds of thousands of multiple body "coffins". You will see senators unwilling or unable to answer simple straightforward questions who have co-sponsored bills they either have no understanding of or understand only too well! You will see FEMA officials stonewalling questions or refusing to make themselves available for questioning. You will see other officials squirming when caught out by "embarrassing" questions about whether or not one may or may not be on their watch list as a potential anti-government activist. This might entail nothing more serious than requesting right to know information on government departments!

We shall return to these issues a little further on. These things are disturbing enough but aligned to massive underground bunkers being built with accompanying airstrips and other infrastructure guarded by military personnel willing to shoot american citizens to protect those inside and we start to see something even more sinister. This is not a government of the people for the people.

Take a look at FEMA's track record on disaster management. Remember hurricane Katrina. Remember New Orleans. How many people are still homeless? Trailer homes remain vacant and unused. What did FEMA actually do when the massive recent storms overwhelmed parts of New York and other areas. I remember ordinary citizens mobilising themselves to help those in need and it was uplifting to see but what did FEMA actually do? Did they take the temporarily homeless into their "residential" camps and feed them? Did they use their massive trucks to evacuate those without transport? What did they do?

How many "residential" concentration camps have been built and where? How many people can they hold individually and in total? Why is it necessary to enclose these "residential" camps with huge barbed wire perimeters and razor wire? Why are there signs outside these camps warning that it is not permitted to take anything into the camps that may be used help those inside to escape? I thought they were "residential" camps for housing people in the event of disaster not prison camps!

What is this executive order creating the provision for the Council of Ten Governors and the creation of ten states from the 52? What happens to the other democratically elected governors? What happens to you? What happens to your rights? What happens to democracy? Will American soldiers be drafted in to impose martial law and licensed to shoot, imprison or torture anyone who does not comply? Comply to what? The theft of their democratic and human rights? What is this nightmare? Why don't you know about it? It's your country, your government, your #FEMA. You paid for every bit of it with your money, blood, sweat and tears! How dare they carry out their duties in secret? They are there to serve you in times of need, not dictate, control or manipulate the American public or create unregulated demonic self serving agendas. That this can happen in the so called land of the free is a condemnation of government and the so called free press! Why is this much vaunted free press not all over the politicians like a bad rash?

Why does a disaster management agency require massive military equipment? That's for the military to provide in time of need. Why does it require fusion centres to enable it to spy on ordinary innocent Americans going about their legal activities and expressing their right to freedom of speech or demanding accountability of those elected by them to serve them?

A disaster management agency is a co-ordinating body. It's job is to link other agencies together to cope with whatever disaster occurs, to co-ordinate. That is the management that is required. What are these agencies? They are essentially, fire, police, medical, transport, sea and air rescue, food supply and temporary accommodation for displaced persons.

FEMA is altogether something different. Why does it need a budget of close on $57 billion per annum? This is money that could be used to boost emergency services, stock food and medical supplies, build refugee camps and so on.

Who does FEMA answer to? It should be you. Why is it that it's activities are shrouded in mystery and secrecy? This is the most worrying aspect of this sinister operation? It's just an emergency management agency! Why the need for secrecy? It is the fact that everything FEMA does is hidden from public view that creates suspicion and mistrust in the first place.

This whole nasty business is very bewildering and the governments past and present are the main architects of their own loss of credibility and national trust. A government that governs secretly is not to be trusted by the people who entrusted it with the privilege of service. When government becomes secretive, it is by definition separating itself from the people. It is no longer serving the people who put it there but pursuing it's own independent agenda to extend it's power and control over the people. The people will not and must never tolerate such abuse of their faith and trust or they will soon find themselves enslaved by the system, no longer free men and women.

Why is the job of homeland security and emergency disaster management combined under FEMA? This makes no sense. Security has nothing to do with disaster relief. Whose idea was this and what was the motive behind this curious marriage of responsibility?

Lastly, who do the military think they work for? There job is to serve and protect the nation, not implement the agendas of the elite. They are not separate from society. They are part of it. They are ordinary Americans with a job, just like every other American. They are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters just like everyone else and they should not forget it and nor should the American people. Why are they so intimidatingly uniformed when on domestic service? The American public are their family not their enemy.

President Obama needs to go back to the drawing board and show the people he is their President and not a FEMA puppet. It would appear he is kept out of the loop on a need to know only basis. He needs to correct this misconception and get to grips with what is going on. He should haul these civil servants across the carpet and make it clear who is in charge here. Above all he needs to implement an effective monitoring system that ensures he is fully informed on the nefarious activities of government agencies. That is the job of the Chief Executive Officer of any organisation. It is he who should leading from the front and standing shoulder to shoulder with the people.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sensory detection based on electrical impulses

Came across this (see link) and thought it relevant to more understanding on how energy in some form is everything.

"Yes, sensory detection really is based on electrical impulses. In essence, a stimulus (be it light photons, molecules in food or whatever) causes a conformational change in a receptor protein, either directly or indirectly. This change in structure starts off a cascade of signalling molecules inside the cell that eventually lead to changes in the relative concentrations of potassium and sodium ions inside and outside the nerve cell. As potassium and sodium have an electrical charge, this causes a change in the electrical potential of the cell, hence it is described as an electrical signal. Hopefully that makes some sense".

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Science in a corner

I believe science has backed itself into a corner because a) it is and always has been obsessed with a beginning and end rationale to everything when in fact simple logic says there is no such thing as a beginning or end to anything and b) it has never adequately factored in the impact of energy on energy.

Since energy exists and cannot emerge from a state devoid of anything it is by definition eternal and infinite. No energy, no anything. Thus everything that is, has emerged from this source of primal eternal energy and is energy in infinite forms.

Every energy form transmits frequencies and receives them and is thus reactive to every other energy form because input and output are constantly changing thus altering the mean average frequency of any given energy form constantly.

Since everything is eternal energy nothing is born and nothing dies but everything transforms all of the time from and to differing vibrational states.

If this reasoning is correct the birth and death of stars like any energy
form is an illusion created by energy in transformation. If one brings everything back to energy, everything appears to make sense including the "paranormal" but as soon as one interprets energy as an entity in its own right, nothing makes sense because it becomes disconnected in the mind from what it actually is, energy.

This interpretation of everything as energy could even explain the concept of a soul. When the biological body breaks down (dies) the energy that gave it function and which resonated at it's own unique combination of frequencies simply continues in a different form. If energy is indestructible this seems logical. This might well be the process that religions regard as the soul leaving the body.

Because religious bodies regard the soul as an entity unlinked to energy, they have never been able to understand how this happens but if one thinks of the soul as energy it makes a lot more sense.

This concept of energy as everything could explain climate change because the effects of solar/cosmic energy activity would naturally impact on our geology and that of all planets in the cosmos since all energy forms are connected to all other energy forms. This in fact appears to be what is happening as cosmologists have noted changes on other planets in our solar system.

Al Gore et al, like science in general has made the huge mistake of looking at Earth as an entity in isolation from the cosmos and not an energy form witin the cosmos. The incoming energy from the cosmos must have a far higher impact on Earth than our activities on Earth and this is why he is at best only partly right and why we are seeing more and more extreme geological events.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time as unreal

As far as I am able to tell from my reading, science still does not have a commonly agreed definitive definition of time but Julian Barbour's is the description that resonates most with me (ref. Wikipedia)

In 5th century BC Greece, Antiphon the Sophist, in a fragment preserved from his chief work On Truth, held that: "Time is not a reality (hypostasis), but a concept (noêma) or a measure (metron)." Parmenides went further, maintaining that time, motion, and change were illusions, leading to the paradoxes of his follower Zeno.[52] Time as an illusion is also a common theme in Buddhist thought.[53][54]
J. M. E. McTaggart's 1908 The Unreality of Time argues that, since every event has the characteristic of being both present and not present (i.e., future or past), that time is a self-contradictory idea (see also The flow of time).
These arguments often center around what it means for something to be unreal. Modern physicists generally believe that time is as real as space—though others, such as

Julian Barbour in his book The End of Time, argues that quantum equations of the universe take their true form when expressed in the timeless realm containing every possible now or momentary configuration of the universe, called 'platonia' by Barbour.[55] (See also: Eternalism (philosophy of time)

Sunday, December 09, 2012

When a bird falls

When an ant climbs up your leg, you feel it. When it drops off, you feel it. So it is with the entity that is the universe because every molecule is connected to every other molecule.

Is this how God knows when a bird falls to ground?

Friday, December 07, 2012

Creation - The Game (An Alien Perspective)

According to Airl the alien in the book Roswell - Alien Interview, the IS-BEs (eternal spirit forms) play games to relieve their boredom. According to the book the IS-BEs created their own individual holographic universes to play with. Over time they came together and decided to combine their work and create a physical objective universe, a real live game, as an experiment.

We also design and play many games to keep ourselves amused. More and more of these are computer games, many of which are largely based on plots involving domination usually through violent means of diverse imaginary enemies. It keeps players amused for hours at a time. I must admit that I have on occasion played them myself and enjoyed them.

Fortunately, when we kill our inanimate enemies in these games nobody really gets hurt. The only damage done is to the brain of the player which could be much more constructively employed for the betterment of him or herself and humanity as a whole. For some reason the makers of these games just dont understand the damage they are doing. Worse still, perhaps they prefer that we remain dumbed down, slaves to their money making products. They clearly do not understand the principles of connectivity nor the value and rewards of putting minds to constructive use. They could be helping solve the scandal of poverty, famine, pollution, the energy dilemna, war and saving the planet that houses us at the same time. When we go down, so do they! They don't seem to understand this simple truth.

Real life games however, played by politicians, dictators, scientists and corporations are far more deadly. These power games can and do cause real suffering and misery as each pursues their own selfish materialistic agendas at the expense of the majority of people on Earth and all it's passengers.

So was/is this universe nothing more than an IS-BE "experiment" and if it is, where does God feature in it? Aril said there is no such thing as a monolithic God. All IS-BEs she says, are creators including us, apparently. She claimed that she was part of an empire called the Domain who she asserted were top galactic dog. The Domain though benign had no particular empathy towards us but made it clear that Earth was theirs and anyone contesting this would be summarily dealt with, so not entirely benign then!

Now comes the $64,000 question! Where and how did the concept of "divinity" come into all this? On the face of it, it seems there is no such thing. However, could it be that "playing" in a physical universe rather than a holographic one was the true beginning of a process leading to a state of awareness of divine enlightenment? The galactics allude in their channeling, to their innocence of any knowledge of evil or consequence.

According to them, the creation of the universe was designed to create only joy. They had no experience of any other state. Their holographic designs were joyous creations that enhanced their state of being. They would have been works of art painted into a blank canvas of opaque infinity. However, they were not real. It was their version of going to the movies only unlike Hollywood their plots were innocent and beautiful. The holographs were not living things, just pictures that gave their creaters an abstract sense of pleasure. They could be created or deleted without consequence.

In the same way when we design and play our computer games we get a form of abstract pleasure from it because we know its not real. Its just a game. We feel no "real" empathy with the fictional figures we delight in killing. Its just a score, not a death. Actions whether negative or positive have no "real" consequences. There's no blood, no grieving relatives, no revenge and no pain.

However, in a physical world there is blood, death, grieving, revenge and so on. We are affected by consequences. Hunger, misery, greed, joy, love all have physical consequences but it seems that these galactic beings/forms had no comprehension of this which is not surprising, all things considered. No surprise either then, that the "experiment" went awry.

Suddenly they were confronted literally by the realities of objective physicality. Suddenly they began experiencing the consequences of action and reaction of which they apparently had little or no concept. They entered the university of life where all states of being exist at different vibrational levels.

This was not how it was supposed to be. What to do? They became trapped in a real game of flesh and blood life. They began competing, arguing and fighting amongst themselves in the same way as we have done for thousands of years. In the long passage of time they begun to realise the only way to overcome strife and conflict was through the application of love and more than that, survival depended on it.

If this is how it happened then this was the moment physical enlightenment began and the moment that the worth of the divine love from which they emerged, found value and comprehension. As above, so below. We too are coming to that point.

Furthermore, love brings huge rewards in terms of self fulfilment resulting ultimately in a state of total bliss. There can be no better outcome to any game. It is the ultimate result and thus becomes the ultimate objective of a successful outcome to the
ultimate game.

However, before we can consider this as logical or feasible account of reality we must
ask and answer the question, where did IS-BEs come from? How were they created and what or who created them? There can only be one possible answer. They emerged from the energy that seperates everything from nothing.

How is this possible? I dont know but if they exist they could not have come from anywhere else. Perhaps they evolved/emerged from a combination of energy waves resonating at specific frequencies. There is no other way since energy is everything and everything is energy. We know frequencies are sounds and that they shape matter. This must be at the heart of creation. This must also be how inanimate matter was transformed into animate matter. It is also how the nature of animate matter is transformed from one state to another.

If God exists and it was he/she/it/they that designed the universe this entity must
have been a consequence of eternal existence rather than it's creator. Unless there is a physics we are unaware of, energy in some form, is without doubt the only possible substance separating everything from nothing. No energy, no anything. The big question, the only question, is what is/was the nature of this energy.

What we can say with some certainty is that because energy cannot emerge from a state devoid of anything, it is eternal and infinite. If this primal energy was resonating at the frequency of pure love, then that has to be the source of divine love, that we call God and from which everything emerged, including possibly the wonderfully innocent but flawed IS-BEs who not understanding or having experienced any other state of being, did not understand the difference between play and reality! Only when one has experienced opposite states can one understand the state in which one exists. This is the meaning of enlightenment and the purpose of the journey.

When Adam ate of the apple of knowledge, he and Eve lost their innocence and moved into the flesh and blood game of life. Their's is the story of the IS-BEs.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The trifle universe no longer exists!

Yesterday I took my father out to lunch. He is 89 and we still play nine holes of golf together most weeks! I had been thinking about time and time travel. As I was doing so some insights materialised with great clarity. I picked him up and as we set off I told him about this.

I had just realised, I told him that time travel is an impossibility a) because there is no such thing as time and b) the past no longer exists. He looked rather quizzically at me. He has been interested in these sort of subjects for a long time and particularly since he read a paper by Dr. Ronald Pearson on Quantum survival

Anyway as we sat down to eat I asked him to define time. He thought about it and eventually came up with numerous descriptions basically describing ” motion”. I said yes that is all there is, perpetual motion.

Time is nothing more than a mathematical concept designed to calibrate/measure points on the wheel so to speak of perpetual motion.

It does not actually exist but motion does. So everything that exists is materialising in the now and disappearing constantly. As NOW vanishes that moment of motion no longer exists. That NOW was the universe in that NOW. It was replaced instantly by another NOW universe and so on ad infinitum.

This brings us back to the concept of time travel. How can one travel back to something which no longer exists (except possibly as an image or sound or memory captured on a recording device be it a book, tape, digital recording or film/video)

Every NOW moment is a unique combination of universal frequencies. It will never be repeated because we are in constant motion which means constant change. Motion is progressive. We know this because you never see an adult reverting to a child or a tree to a sapling.

Thus as the NOW materialises as a result of a unique combination of energy frequencies it also vanishes as a result of the input of new energy frequencies which are altering the ratio of the band wave thus creating new realities perpetually.

As I explained this, my father was busy tucking into and enjoying a trifle desert! As he finished I said that is a perfect example of what I mean. A few minutes/NOWS ago there was a trifle on that plate. Its gone and it can never come back because that moment no longer exists. That was another universe in which we no longer exist. He looked at me, smiled and said you are right!