Thursday, November 19, 2009

UK Immigration

Uncontrolled immigration would be untenable and potentially disastrous. Our land mass and resources are limited and therefore there must be some control over immigration. However the ultimate solution is to eradicate poverty and dictatorship in those countries at the source of mass migration. That is the nut that has to be cracked.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brown's Apology

The Prime Minister should not be writing personally to families of brave servicemen and women who have been killed in Afghanistan. This would have been impossible in previous wars where casulties were in the tens of thousands.

The onerous task of informing relatives is the duty of regiment commanders and not the Prime Minister.

The reporting of every single death in the current conflicts is counter-productive and harms public morale. Fatalities are the inevitable price of war. If we cannot take the casualties, we should not be fighting.

The media coverage is grossly sensationalist and short sighted. Mr. Brown's attempt to appear caring is misguided and shows he has little understanding of his duties as a war time leader.

In the meantime we should be grateful that casualties are as low as they are.

Friday, November 06, 2009

New Labour Failure

This shower of a government does not think you have a brain or an iota of common sense. This government treats people with contempt. This government loves one size fits all solutions that do not fit anyone. This government will penalise everyone for the crimes and misdemeanors of the few. This government cannot accept that in society there are, have always been and will always be a small percentage of deranged people and no legislation will eradicate that. This government has no common sense!

EU Presidency

The people of this country are walking apthetically, blindly and dumbly into the EU superstate trap set for them by the self appointed, unelected, self interested, empire building political elite. They are doing so without question or debate and without consideration of any other alternatives. The creation of a shadowy unaccountable EU superstate is another step towards the suppression of freedom, free trade and independent ground up control of regional affairs.

Who is your MEP? Has he ever communicated with you? What has he done for you and your region?

The new EU President, whomever he or she may be, is no more or less than an imposition by stealth of a European superstate on the people of Europe; whether we want it or not. We don't and that's why we have never been asked!

Beware you politicians! You are about to learn that you cannot impose your will on the people forever without their consent. We are millions. You are but a few thousand and a few thousand too many at that!

Theft of Democracy

David Cameron is not the only one who will be haunted by Europe. Because the British people have been denied a promised referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, it will be a festering sore of increasing discontent that may yet have consequences far beyond Mr Cameron's or for that matter Mr. Brown's tenure not to mention limited imagination. This unpardonable treachery will do more harm than good and may yet bring the EU superstate to it's knees.The people will not tolerate the theft of their democracy for long.