Saturday, November 28, 2015

Why UK Parliament Must Vote Against Airstrikes in Syria

I am firmly against any involvement with US in Syria for the simple reason that it is the U.S. with compliant allies that fermented these wars in the Middle East for their own geopolitical purpose. This has been confirmed publically by General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Commander of NATO  on CNN and other media outlets as well as  other senior military figures. This information is publically available to anyone on the Internet if they care to search for it.

The U.S. wilfully stood by whilst its allies in the Middle East, principally  Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others including countries in the G20 funded, armed, trained, supplied, aided and abetted ISIS. The question is why? The answer is that the U.S. and it's Middle Eastern allies with the complicity of Turkey, UK and France believed that ISIS would compliment U.S. backed militias in their main objective to illegally overthrow the Assad regime. This was and is an unholy alliance that has no regard for humanity.

This was made apparent by President Obama himself when he affirmed that the U.S. strategy was to contain ISIS rather than annihilate them as President Putin is now doing.

Over a period of 16 months according to a CFR source the U.S. launched over 8000 attacks on ISIS killing it says 20,000 "suspected terrorists" which if you do the maths is 2.5 terrorists per attack, an utterly ridiculous return on resources! And anyway who counted them and how?

Furthermore during that first 16 months it never once launched an air strike on a single fleet of oil tankers transporting oil from captured fields to Turkey a NATO ally, despite the fact that according to President Putin, from a height of 4-5000 feet these convoys stretched into the horizon and resembled an oil pipeline. Nor did the U.S. and it's allies carry out any strikes against ISIS oil fields/depots! This is clear evidence that the U.S. and its allies had no interest in destroying ISIS. This makes them complicit in the crimes that ISIS committed and are committing against humanity

There is much more information available that substantiates Western duplicity in regard to the mayhem and murder that now affects Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. You will also note that neither the Gulf states nor Israel have been affected by ISIS. It is clear that the West led by the U.S. has made a pact with the Devil to serve its own immoral, illegal, disingenuous and abhorrent interests.

The UK under David Cameron is compliant in this disgusting pact which has allowed ISIS to expand throughout the 16 months that the U.S. and its allies were apparently carrying out airstrikes. It thus makes the UK government complicit in the unspeakable atrocities committed by ISIS during this time. At the very least we should seriously question Mr. Cameron's motives which must be considered dubious, if not devious, knowing what we know. We should not tolerate such reprehensible policies by any government, let alone our own. We must not blindly follow old alliances without scrutiny and we must never tolerate the intolerable. Britain must be a force for good, a catalyst for unity and not division and it must stand for right over wrong.

The people of the United Kingdom must lead the way in bringing an end to the atrocious political doctrine of divide and rule. We ended slavery. Now let's end war which is the most barbaric and least intelligent way of resolving differences. It's time for a different kind of world and a new dawn.

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