Friday, December 07, 2012

Creation - The Game (An Alien Perspective)

According to Airl the alien in the book Roswell - Alien Interview, the IS-BEs (eternal spirit forms) play games to relieve their boredom. According to the book the IS-BEs created their own individual holographic universes to play with. Over time they came together and decided to combine their work and create a physical objective universe, a real live game, as an experiment.

We also design and play many games to keep ourselves amused. More and more of these are computer games, many of which are largely based on plots involving domination usually through violent means of diverse imaginary enemies. It keeps players amused for hours at a time. I must admit that I have on occasion played them myself and enjoyed them.

Fortunately, when we kill our inanimate enemies in these games nobody really gets hurt. The only damage done is to the brain of the player which could be much more constructively employed for the betterment of him or herself and humanity as a whole. For some reason the makers of these games just dont understand the damage they are doing. Worse still, perhaps they prefer that we remain dumbed down, slaves to their money making products. They clearly do not understand the principles of connectivity nor the value and rewards of putting minds to constructive use. They could be helping solve the scandal of poverty, famine, pollution, the energy dilemna, war and saving the planet that houses us at the same time. When we go down, so do they! They don't seem to understand this simple truth.

Real life games however, played by politicians, dictators, scientists and corporations are far more deadly. These power games can and do cause real suffering and misery as each pursues their own selfish materialistic agendas at the expense of the majority of people on Earth and all it's passengers.

So was/is this universe nothing more than an IS-BE "experiment" and if it is, where does God feature in it? Aril said there is no such thing as a monolithic God. All IS-BEs she says, are creators including us, apparently. She claimed that she was part of an empire called the Domain who she asserted were top galactic dog. The Domain though benign had no particular empathy towards us but made it clear that Earth was theirs and anyone contesting this would be summarily dealt with, so not entirely benign then!

Now comes the $64,000 question! Where and how did the concept of "divinity" come into all this? On the face of it, it seems there is no such thing. However, could it be that "playing" in a physical universe rather than a holographic one was the true beginning of a process leading to a state of awareness of divine enlightenment? The galactics allude in their channeling, to their innocence of any knowledge of evil or consequence.

According to them, the creation of the universe was designed to create only joy. They had no experience of any other state. Their holographic designs were joyous creations that enhanced their state of being. They would have been works of art painted into a blank canvas of opaque infinity. However, they were not real. It was their version of going to the movies only unlike Hollywood their plots were innocent and beautiful. The holographs were not living things, just pictures that gave their creaters an abstract sense of pleasure. They could be created or deleted without consequence.

In the same way when we design and play our computer games we get a form of abstract pleasure from it because we know its not real. Its just a game. We feel no "real" empathy with the fictional figures we delight in killing. Its just a score, not a death. Actions whether negative or positive have no "real" consequences. There's no blood, no grieving relatives, no revenge and no pain.

However, in a physical world there is blood, death, grieving, revenge and so on. We are affected by consequences. Hunger, misery, greed, joy, love all have physical consequences but it seems that these galactic beings/forms had no comprehension of this which is not surprising, all things considered. No surprise either then, that the "experiment" went awry.

Suddenly they were confronted literally by the realities of objective physicality. Suddenly they began experiencing the consequences of action and reaction of which they apparently had little or no concept. They entered the university of life where all states of being exist at different vibrational levels.

This was not how it was supposed to be. What to do? They became trapped in a real game of flesh and blood life. They began competing, arguing and fighting amongst themselves in the same way as we have done for thousands of years. In the long passage of time they begun to realise the only way to overcome strife and conflict was through the application of love and more than that, survival depended on it.

If this is how it happened then this was the moment physical enlightenment began and the moment that the worth of the divine love from which they emerged, found value and comprehension. As above, so below. We too are coming to that point.

Furthermore, love brings huge rewards in terms of self fulfilment resulting ultimately in a state of total bliss. There can be no better outcome to any game. It is the ultimate result and thus becomes the ultimate objective of a successful outcome to the
ultimate game.

However, before we can consider this as logical or feasible account of reality we must
ask and answer the question, where did IS-BEs come from? How were they created and what or who created them? There can only be one possible answer. They emerged from the energy that seperates everything from nothing.

How is this possible? I dont know but if they exist they could not have come from anywhere else. Perhaps they evolved/emerged from a combination of energy waves resonating at specific frequencies. There is no other way since energy is everything and everything is energy. We know frequencies are sounds and that they shape matter. This must be at the heart of creation. This must also be how inanimate matter was transformed into animate matter. It is also how the nature of animate matter is transformed from one state to another.

If God exists and it was he/she/it/they that designed the universe this entity must
have been a consequence of eternal existence rather than it's creator. Unless there is a physics we are unaware of, energy in some form, is without doubt the only possible substance separating everything from nothing. No energy, no anything. The big question, the only question, is what is/was the nature of this energy.

What we can say with some certainty is that because energy cannot emerge from a state devoid of anything, it is eternal and infinite. If this primal energy was resonating at the frequency of pure love, then that has to be the source of divine love, that we call God and from which everything emerged, including possibly the wonderfully innocent but flawed IS-BEs who not understanding or having experienced any other state of being, did not understand the difference between play and reality! Only when one has experienced opposite states can one understand the state in which one exists. This is the meaning of enlightenment and the purpose of the journey.

When Adam ate of the apple of knowledge, he and Eve lost their innocence and moved into the flesh and blood game of life. Their's is the story of the IS-BEs.

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