Friday, May 24, 2013

The Media Is Responsible For Darkness

The media is responsible for painting the image of the world we carry around in our heads. This image is dark and entirely negative. Who is so oblivious that he or she cannot understand how damaging this is to the psyche of every human on the planet?

 We see the world in the image in which it is painted, a place of constant horror and yet the planet is a wondrous place where bright light shines everywhere, where amazing things are accomplished by ordinary people everyday, everywhere; where so many are trying to change the world for the better and yet the media almost completely ignores these inspiring stories. As a consequence our reality is entirely unbalanced and the world directly reflects our biased view of it. 

This is a crime against humanity, an abrogation of consciousness, morality, duty, intelligence and principle. How much further down the road to peace might we have been with a more positive mindset? How much less poverty, famine and avoidable disease might there have been had we focused our energies in those directions instead of war, rape, crime, corruption and so on?

There are those who profit from engineered chaos and destruction. Suffering is there passport to untold wealth and control and the media is a compliant tool in their horrendous ambition. Those within the media who wittingly or unwittingly propagate this distorted vision of the world must wake up and understand the key role and absolute duty they have to rectify this nightmarish imbalance in our perception of reality. They have a moral obligation to use their power constructively as do we all. Currently they are failing miserably in this respect. It is the sacred duty of everyone no matter who they are to ensure that  they play their part in making  our world better today than it was yesterday.