Sunday, December 16, 2012

Science in a corner

I believe science has backed itself into a corner because a) it is and always has been obsessed with a beginning and end rationale to everything when in fact simple logic says there is no such thing as a beginning or end to anything and b) it has never adequately factored in the impact of energy on energy.

Since energy exists and cannot emerge from a state devoid of anything it is by definition eternal and infinite. No energy, no anything. Thus everything that is, has emerged from this source of primal eternal energy and is energy in infinite forms.

Every energy form transmits frequencies and receives them and is thus reactive to every other energy form because input and output are constantly changing thus altering the mean average frequency of any given energy form constantly.

Since everything is eternal energy nothing is born and nothing dies but everything transforms all of the time from and to differing vibrational states.

If this reasoning is correct the birth and death of stars like any energy
form is an illusion created by energy in transformation. If one brings everything back to energy, everything appears to make sense including the "paranormal" but as soon as one interprets energy as an entity in its own right, nothing makes sense because it becomes disconnected in the mind from what it actually is, energy.

This interpretation of everything as energy could even explain the concept of a soul. When the biological body breaks down (dies) the energy that gave it function and which resonated at it's own unique combination of frequencies simply continues in a different form. If energy is indestructible this seems logical. This might well be the process that religions regard as the soul leaving the body.

Because religious bodies regard the soul as an entity unlinked to energy, they have never been able to understand how this happens but if one thinks of the soul as energy it makes a lot more sense.

This concept of energy as everything could explain climate change because the effects of solar/cosmic energy activity would naturally impact on our geology and that of all planets in the cosmos since all energy forms are connected to all other energy forms. This in fact appears to be what is happening as cosmologists have noted changes on other planets in our solar system.

Al Gore et al, like science in general has made the huge mistake of looking at Earth as an entity in isolation from the cosmos and not an energy form witin the cosmos. The incoming energy from the cosmos must have a far higher impact on Earth than our activities on Earth and this is why he is at best only partly right and why we are seeing more and more extreme geological events.


Unknown said...

You need to stop confusing science and metaphysics and trying to achieve a sense of the profound by writing about a subject that you don't fully understand. Though philosophically and spiritually what you say is beautiful it does not answer fundamental questions that science, scientists and the scientific method are trying to answer - for that you need empiricism not cynicism.

speakeezie said...
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speakeezie said...

Thank you for your comments. 

I wish to respond as constructively as I can. I am not sure that a challenge to orthodox thinking is cynical. The ideas are there as an ivitation for serious discussion. Clearly, there is much that is not understood  on the subject(s) under discussion by me or by science. The fact that one does not know or understand the detailed mechanics does not mean that the idea is without merit and worthy of consideration.

My approach in trying to understand everything is not to look at a single source of knowledge, science, metaphysics, religion or mysticism because none of these on their own has all the answers but rather to take the big ideas from all of them and look for common threads that make some sense in all of them.

Each discipline works in isolation from the others within their own mind set. Science cannot ignore ideas from elsewhere just because they do not conform to current scientific understanding or principle. Likewise religion, cannot ignore scientific data that contradicts it's long held belief system and remain credible and so on.

These ideas to a greater or lesser extent combine science with long held spiritual belief without contradicting the major principles of either and that is interesting in itself.

As far as the science is concerned it conforms to Einstein's idea that "energy is everything and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get the reality you want. It can be no other way. This is not 
philosophy this is physics".

It is impossible to see it any other way and this is the premise of the ideas put forward. The  "confusion" between physics and metaphysics is their strength not their weakness. Science needs to address them, not ignore them. Above all it needs to accept the obvious conclusion that a beginning and end rationale makes no sense in an universe made of energy.

I am sure acceptance of this principle by mainstream science would open a door to greater understanding of much that still mystifies it.