Friday, November 30, 2012

Theory of God and creation

We and everything in the Universe are a manifestation of something. We call this something God for reasons that are unclear since no one knows who or what God is or how he/she/it came into being. So suggesting we need only look into our hearts to find the something which we call God sounds like gobbledygook to many. However, if we are a manifestation of "God's" essence then of course by looking at and into ourselves we see a part of that essence. I leave you with the following thoughts:

It is clear  that a state of nothing is an impossibility since there is SOMETHING which could not emerge from a state of nothing. Therefore this SOMETHING is by definition an eternal state. The question is what is the SOMETHING? The answer is energy. Nothing can exist let alone evolve without it. Energy is the primal eternal force that  is the difference between nothing and something.

This primal eternal energy must therefore be  the source of all existence. Everything in the objective physical and invisible universe is of or originates from it and is therefore "genetically" connected to it, so to speak.

Energy resonates frequencies of which there are an infinite number. Since this eternal energy source exists in infinity, energy is also infinite. Thus this primal eternal energy = existence = life = energy = life ad infinitum. The universe and everything in it is an energy form resonating at differing frequencies. All energy forms are both receivers and transmitters of energy waves at various frequencies. Love is an energy with a specific frequency as are all thoughts.

To transform these frequencies into a physical image/sound requires that we are tuned in to those channels. Thus the universe is a combination of countless fluctuating frequencies. Our reality is determined by the input/output of all incoming and outgoing frequencies. The more we send out energy waves of love the more we change our reality for the better and visa versa. This is how and why we are joint creators of our own reality.

The Russian physicist Dr. Korotkov's GVD photographic energy detecting technology has already demonstrated that the energy of plants rises or diminishes on detecting the intent of persons in their vicinity. The intent, be it positive or negative is transmitted as energy waves resonating a frequency which the plant is able to detect. There can be no other rational explanation. It demonstrates perfectly the connectivity of one energy form with another.

This is where science and spirituality join. The Bible tells us that God is love. Love is an energy form. A self sustaining creation can only be built on love or the wave energy of love. One built on any other energy form would inevitably self destruct since it would contain elements of conflict.

It is said that in "the beginning was the word and the word was with God". In a sense this theory confirms this except the word is in fact a sound wave frequency of the emotion of "love" and "love" is the word we give this sound wave. Thus one might say the "God energy" is truly love from which everything has emerged. God is the energy of creation, one might say. Since everything emerges from this primal energy, everything is related and thus connected to it.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Space Resonance Theory - Milo Wolff

Particle Properties require Perception-communication Between Particles.
If there were no means for each particle to sense the presence of other matter in its universe, the required dimensional relationships above could not be established. How can a particle possess a property which is dependent on other particles, if there is no way for the particles to impart their presence to each other? Without communication, each particle would be alone in its own separate universe. Therefore continual two-way perceptive communication between each particle and other matter in its universe is needed to establish the laws of nature. The laws are then established in terms of the dimensions (units) established by the ensemble of matter.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Peace is the way.

This article highlights the absolute futility of war. Politicians make wars, not people. Hamas is exploiting the Palestinian people to achieve their own objectives. They are so ruthless they are prepared to use their own people as human shields.

The Isreali government continues to flout U.N. Resolutions by building settlements on Palestinian land making any peace settlement more difficult. Furthermore, the Isreali government deliberately blocks peace settlements by imposing conditions it knows are unacceptable and unfulfillable.

Having initiated war to appease egotistic ambitions, unscrupulous, power hungry politicians of both governments hastily retreat to their bomb proof bunkers leaving innocent Palestinians and Isrealis to die in their homes and in the streets.

You will notice that just about every commentator, media or political, talks of the conflict as though it were between the people of Palestine and Isreal. This is a deliberate attempt by those in government and media to cast the people rather than the governments as the culprits. In truth the people have little say in the matter. They are being mislead and exploited by their so called leaders, none of whom understand the meaning or responsibilities of leadership.

These so called leaders are not humble. They are arrogant. They visibly lack wisdom, humanity, compassion or any understanding of their roles as leaders. The truth is that security can only and is only guaranteed by peace. They would have us believe that it can only be secured by superior force. This is a lie.

Never in the history of mankind has any nation succeeded in imposing it's will through the use of force over the longer term. War is the weapon of the inconscient and inconsience is the ignorance of wisdom. We have been fed lies for centuries by those that consider themselves the elite. Their only motive is their own insatiable desire for power and control. Ordinary people have been their pawns and have died in the webs of deceit they weave in order to attain their selfish goals.

The ordinary Palestinian people, like the ordinary Jewish people and ordinary people everywhere want a few simple things. They want food on the table. They want to be able to live and bring up their families in peace. They want education and they want friendship with their brothers and sisters around the world.

This is the role and responsibility of leadership and world leaders have and are failing abysmally in their sworn duty of care to provide peace for their people and humanity as a whole.

We are not Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Hindus or any other religion. This is another lie we are taught to believe to divides us all. We are not Arabs, Asians, Europeans or Africans. That is yet another illusion we have been brainwashed into believing. What we are is humanity. We are all without exception, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters and their Is no difference between us except in shades of skin colour and outward characteristics. Inside though we are all the same and we all want the same things. Above all we want peace.

It is our politicians that want war to accomplish their own selfish agendas and it is time for the people of the world, all over the world to take to the streets, hold hands and say long and loud, enough. Give us peace or we will follow no more. We will make the peace between ourselves. We will join together, walk together, play together, eat together, dance together and work together. We will build joint inter-communal groups and share this wonderful planet and all it has to offer, together.

That is the sacred duty of leadership.