Thursday, March 31, 2011

What or who is God?

If there is a God would he/she/it be the supreme energy that controls every living cell? Is this perhaps how cells developed different functions, some cells developed into skeletons, others into eyes, limbs, leaves, trees and so on. Could these cells have developed in such a structured way by chance, haphazardly or  randomly to produce the extremely complex world we live in?

Watching David Attenborough's fascinating programs on life on Earth and Brian Cox in the Wonders of the Universe, they give no rational or scientific explanation for the way in which cells developed into complex and complementary structures, each enhancing and enabling life to thrive and survive. This developmental process is simply assumed to have taken place given the visible end results but no indication is given as to how this occurred. The why is clear, the creation of a living viable and sustainable eco-system, but the how is far from clear. It is unscientific to simply say that organisms "developed" skeletol frames, limbs, eyes, lungs, etc. without understanding how. As we can see all around us this process could not have been random, i.e. without purpose. You cannot concoct a chicken curry without the right ingredients and you cannot concoct intelligent life without intelligence. Or if you can where is the proof?

Is the answer that each cell required a catalyst, an instruction, and/or an intelligence to meatmorphose in a certain way as part of a pre-determined grandiose creational scheme? Where is the proof to the contrary? I have yet to see it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Intervention in Libya but not Rwanda?

While we talk of Libya let me remind you that Clinton/Blair et al allowed the genocide of 800,000 Tutsi's in Rwanda to go unchallenged. How many thousands have died or been tortured at the hands of Robert Mugabe and how many more in Congo/Zaire. Where was the UN then and why is Libya a special case now? What is the difference between Libyans and those other poor souls who were left to their fate?

More to the point perhaps is where was/is Africa's compassion for its own brothers and sisters then and why do they continue to stand idly by while Mugabe terrorises his own people? Never let me hear them call the West hypocrites whilst they continue to tolerate atrocities in their own front yard?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Obama’s transformation from confrontor to accommadator

There is nothing new in Obama’s transformation from confrontor to accomadator. Every previous American and Western government were, to their shame and ours accomadators of tyranny.

What is sad is that Obama was the first to understand the longer term importance of confronting bad governace. Taking the bull by the horn sooner rather than later would avoid the inevitability of being tossed and trampled by the bull as it grew fatter and more arrogant with time. Ignore a problem short term and you make it worse long term.

Quite apart from anything else it is the roll of leadership to take humanity to a higher place. To do nothing is to be an accomplice and to condone immoral and murderous regimes. This never has been nor ever can be in anyone’s self interest, other than the dictators themeselves.

In Obama the World saw hope and the possibility of change and therein lies the sadness. So little has as yet changed. However to believe that anyone else would have understood the problem, let alone do anything about it, is self delusion.

Obama was and still is the only World leader who has come close to understanding the need for a new politics which is not based on the beligerent use of raw power and self interest at the expense of the common interest. He understands that self interest can only be served when and if it is aligned to the common interest.

As someone who lived and worked in Africa for many years I know what harm has been caused by sustaining the fetid status quo in the name of so called self interest.

I hope Obama will not lose sight of the fundamental wisdom that gave hope to so many.

UN authorises action against Gaddafi

Is it too late? What action will now belatedly be taken? One must assume that end game is now the overthrow of Gaddafi but can this be achieved without a protracted ground war? A whole new can of worms has just opened up.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Libya and Western hypocracy

When all the handwringing and self righteous rhetoric by western powers over recent events in Libya is quelled by Gaddafi's crushing of the pro-democratic movement in his country, which powers will throw off the yoke of principle and continue trading with this tyrant?

We shall be watching.


As a result of miltary action taken by a number of countries in accordance with a UN resolution authorising a "no fly zone" amongst other things, it now looks as though Gaddafi will go one way or another. His position is now untenable. No one could now deal with Gaddafi were he somehow to remain in power. That would be beyond ridiculous and the mother of all hypocracies!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Smiling in adversity

If you are interested in helping give these kids an education, please contact me. These kids are amongst 13 being looked after by an 80 year old grandmother. They have nothing and have all lost their parents. We are trying as a family to contribute towards their education but we are unable to help them all.

An education is their way out of poverty and the World should be doing much more to fund education in the poorer countries as a means of tackling long term poverty and dependency. We need to get our priorities right and spend less on war and more on peace. Thank you for reading this.

UFO or clever special effects?