Friday, July 27, 2012

Consciousness of water and plants

If animals and plants are largely made of water and water is conscious then everything that contains water has consciousness!

Thus consciousness is embedded in the molecules that make up the universe. To me this makes sense as I do not see how anything can be created unless the building blocks are aware of their function in construction or for that matter destruction.

A state of unconscious chaos can only create more unconscious chaos since it has no awareness of itself and therefore no capacity to structure itself into an orderly state
of any kind. A state of unconscious chaos would have to have awareness of itself to exist and since it has no such consciousness it cannot exist.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Playing God with the weather

For those who think that the extreme weather conditions, drought in the USA, floods in China, Japan, UK and elsewhere are attributable solely to gobal warming, think again.

Scientists and Governments in their arrogance and ignorance are under the illusion that they can treat nature as their own personal plaything. They see themselves as separate and above nature when in reality we are a collection of virtually indiscernible molecules in an infinite universe of molecules. Unless we live in harmony with nature, nature will destroy us.

Weather systems are so dynamic, complex and powerful it is impossible to calculate all the possible permutations that could occur as a result of manipulating them. There is no way of knowing with any certainty the consequences of altering patterns of rainfall in one place on another place. We cannot possibly compute the effect on atmospheric conditions, plant life, soil conditions, bacteria, health and disease by altering what has taken nature billions of years to create. The arrogance of those who so casually and carelessly play God with nature is so mind boggling it defies description.

It must be stopped and those responsible called to account. We are not nor ever can separate ourselves from that which we are a part. It is up to us to fall in line with nature in order to ensure our survival, not the other way around which can only end badly for us.

Quite simply, we do not have a choice but to live in harmony with nature. We must change our ways not the weather. If those that lead us do not understand this simple truth, they understand nothing.