Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Celebrity Brain Drip

While the tabloid press encourage and promote the cult of celebrity worship, the eyes and conscience of millions of people are diverted;

away from the bulldozers destroying ever greater swathes of the world's rain forests.

away from hunger and disease.

away from the rape, pillage, torture and murder of tens of thousands of innocent, harmless, poverty stricken people in Sudan, Zimbabwe and the Congo.

away from the dilution of our democracy and the theft of our freedoms by power thirsty states that seek to enhance their own power bases by controlling our movements, our thoughts and our habits.

away from the greed and corruption of those we entrusted with power.

away from the mismanagement and waste of hundreds of millions of pounds of our money in the NHS and other public sectors.

away from MRSA.

away from the ineptitude that has left 12 million people in this country with poor literacy skills despite years of education.

away from the plight of some of the elderly who despite paying their taxes and defending their country in World War II, are forced to sell off their homes to pay for health care.

away from the state sponsored theft of accumulated wealth in the form of inheritance tax on which every penny has been taxed throughout long hard working lives and then governments help themselves again when you are dead. Disgusting and scandalous!

away from the mismanagement and misappropriation of public funds in other sectors.

away from political cronyism.

away from truth and the value systems that really matter to us all and without which we are headed for catastrophe.

Poetry: http://http://www.spearman.blogspot.com/