Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Rise of Authoritarianism And The Theft Of Democracy

February 11, 2013 at 4:57 pm

There was a time when the state was at the service of it’s employers, the people. It realised very quickly that it could use the tools of state to entrench themselves in power rather than use them for the betterment of society as a whole. They decided that government was not of the people but above and apart from the people and could be used not for the people but to control the people; by controlling financial markets, media outlets, dumbing down education, and brainwashing the police and military into believing their job was to protect the interests of the powerful against the masses. Hence the CCTV cameras, mobile spying units, data mining of social media sites for personal information, aggressive policing and menacing uniforms designed to instill fear and so on.

Brick by brick our democratic rights are being dismantled by stealth through deceit, distraction and division thus diminishing our power to decide our own future destiny. The state has stolen that power from the people and enhanced it’s own power thanks to the engineered apathy of the population.

However, there is a line in the sand as we have seen in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Greece, Spain and others on the rise, where people have decided to re-impose their will on the political establishment and show them where real power really resides. When the people rise the establishment has no choice but to run for cover and that is the ultimate reality that those who have stolen our power will have to confront. The state must be reminded of their subservience to the will of the people, that it is of the people and for the people.

In the meantime we must stop complying with the will of the state. Turn off the propaganda, get on with our own lives in our own way, stop jumping every time the state says jump, get out in the streets and protest and make our political representatives jump when we say so. Let them know we will be heard and they will listen.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Last week MPs revived the corpse of the "secret justice" act.

When justice is carried out in secret, the very concept of justice is lost. At the same time the vote on gay marriage was taking place the government cynically slipped through a vote on this iniquitous bill. The consequences of this nasty piece of legislature seriously undermine the core principles of justice and accountability of the state to the people who elect them to represent their interests, not the interests of those in power.

Any cessation of power to the state weakens the voice of the people because the state now considers itself above and separate from the people. This is contrary to the principles of democracy where the state machinery is supposed to be at the service of the people. The military and police are there to serve and protect the people, not the interests of those in power who have forgotten that they are not above but of the people. Likewise, the justice system is there to serve all the constituent parts of society, not the interests of the powerful.

The same is true of all government services be it NHS, education, fire, revenue and so on. The government's job is to manage these services on behalf of society, i.e. you and me. They have no right or mandate to use these institutions to benefit or entrench their own power or authority. The real authority is us, the people and government is servant to and beholden, to us.

These are the foundations of a democratic state and they must be protected and underpinned by an irrevocable constitution and a strong and independent justice system that protects the interests of the people against abuse of power by our state.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

What are NORAD exercises over American cities really about?

What is wrong with this announcement? According to this there have been 5000 threats to US air space since 2001! That equates to 417 per annum, more than one a day! By whom? By what? What action was taken? Was anyone arrested, captured or killed? Where is the evidence? Why were these threats not reported by mainstream media? Why are they and the American people being kept in the dark? This is ridiculous. This stuff is just not credible. Something else is going on here and I doubt it has much to do with daily air threats! 5000 is a nice round number too, don't you think?

The announcement:

"North American Aerospace Defense Command will be training over the area (Washington) early Thursday morning.

The exercise, beginning after midnight Thursday, will include Civil Air Patrol aircraft and a U.S. Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter.

NORAD has been conducting these training flights in the United States and Canada as part of Operation Noble Eagle since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Since then, there have been more than 5,000 potential air threats in the U.S. Officials may postpone or cancel training in inclement weather."

End announcement.

Interesting that these exercise may be postponed during inclement weather. Presumably terrorists don't attack in inclement weather. It's the same principle as doctors taking the week-end off on mass in NHS hospitals because people only get sick Monday to Friday!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Sandy Hook massacre

Official story spins out of control. Lots of anomalies and questions but no apparent answers. Read this article for yourselves.