Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The trifle universe no longer exists!

Yesterday I took my father out to lunch. He is 89 and we still play nine holes of golf together most weeks! I had been thinking about time and time travel. As I was doing so some insights materialised with great clarity. I picked him up and as we set off I told him about this.

I had just realised, I told him that time travel is an impossibility a) because there is no such thing as time and b) the past no longer exists. He looked rather quizzically at me. He has been interested in these sort of subjects for a long time and particularly since he read a paper by Dr. Ronald Pearson on Quantum survival

Anyway as we sat down to eat I asked him to define time. He thought about it and eventually came up with numerous descriptions basically describing ” motion”. I said yes that is all there is, perpetual motion.

Time is nothing more than a mathematical concept designed to calibrate/measure points on the wheel so to speak of perpetual motion.

It does not actually exist but motion does. So everything that exists is materialising in the now and disappearing constantly. As NOW vanishes that moment of motion no longer exists. That NOW was the universe in that NOW. It was replaced instantly by another NOW universe and so on ad infinitum.

This brings us back to the concept of time travel. How can one travel back to something which no longer exists (except possibly as an image or sound or memory captured on a recording device be it a book, tape, digital recording or film/video)

Every NOW moment is a unique combination of universal frequencies. It will never be repeated because we are in constant motion which means constant change. Motion is progressive. We know this because you never see an adult reverting to a child or a tree to a sapling.

Thus as the NOW materialises as a result of a unique combination of energy frequencies it also vanishes as a result of the input of new energy frequencies which are altering the ratio of the band wave thus creating new realities perpetually.

As I explained this, my father was busy tucking into and enjoying a trifle desert! As he finished I said that is a perfect example of what I mean. A few minutes/NOWS ago there was a trifle on that plate. Its gone and it can never come back because that moment no longer exists. That was another universe in which we no longer exist. He looked at me, smiled and said you are right!

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