Friday, May 18, 2012

Searching For The Truth

I think from an early age I felt we were being spoon fed a distortion of the "truth" from organised religion, politicians and scientists. Nothing quite rang true. This mistrust Has caused me to question perceived wisdoms to this day.

According to most religions there is only one God. Why then are there so many religions each with their own interpretation of God's message which is after all, a very simple one. It is that of love. Where is the love in the burning of heretics,  the stoning of women who commit adultery or the murder of innocents in the supposed name of God? These atrocities clearly have nothing to do with a God of love. They reflect rather a distortion of the truth and the imperfection of the human condition exploited ruthlessly by those who seek to build their own empires.

Perhaps this distortion of the truth is made easier by those who exploit religion for their own purpose because neither orthodox religion nor science reveal the nature or form of the entity they call God. This gap in understanding leaves ample room for doubt and cynacism. This casts doubt on the authenticity of both the entity and the message. Science cannot prove or disprove the existence of God. Indeed it does not acknowledge that the process of creation might possibly be the work of an intelligent force and therefore discounts the possibility from it's theories at the outset. For scientists this process is nothing more than physics, a series of natural laws that evolved spontaneously and without specific purpose or meaning out of nothing! This thinking simply defies the logic of the creative process they are studying.

As far as orthodox religions are concerned their number and mixed messages obscure the issues surrounding God and the creation still further lending more ammunition to the sceptics. Neither the religious or scientific communities appear capable of casting luminosity on the biggest question of all. Is there or is there not an intelligence behind the creation and if there is what is it's nature and form?

If scientists are right, their is no logic in the creation of the universe and therefore ironically no logic or indeed useful purpose in studying it. The purpose of science therefore would appear to be the study of a meaningless and purposeless creation. It also means their endeavours are equally futile and implies that life itself in all it's myriad forms is valueless; that evolution is also entirely pointless since it's ultimate destination is extinction. The idea is so ludicrous it cannot logically be entertained as a serious concept. It runs contrary to the visible evidence presented by all life forms which display a ferocious struggle for survival.It defies the very logic that surrounds us. It dismisses utterly the intelligent  balance of nature which sustains life everywhere. In my view this is a form of scientific heresy. Fortunately heretics are no longer burned at the stake!

The religious communities are equally risible, sticking as they do to an almost prehistoric concept of God and creation. No wonder we have wandered blindly into a darkened alley that leads no where worth going.

Although the human race is heading hell bent like lemmings to the precipice, the universe shows no signs of following in our footsteps. On the contrary it is expanding rapidly contrary to earlier scientific theory. Through the telescope we see the mirror image of the fierce struggle for survival of life forms on Earth. This is a clue that cannot be dismissed. Life has no intention of jumping off a cliff. Life is designed to survive not to die. This visible evidence is sufficient in it's own right to strongly suggest that scientists need to re-evaluate and begin to accept the possibility that the laws of physics are indeed there for a purpose, to promote and sustain life and that means that life also has purpose.

As Einstein said, if there are laws, it's logical to assume there is a law maker. How can we not conclude that we need to follow a different path, one guided by a more profound truth rather than the distorted vision of it, that we have adopted. We need to understand that our version of the truth is a lie.

Unless integrity, honesty and love are at the core of everything we do, we cannot hope to achieve positive outcomes. It's very, very simple. THAT is the TRUTH.

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