Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Understanding Consciousness

The multiverse is a sentient organism. Everything in it is therefore necessarily conscious at some level, be it mineral, vegetable or animal. This understanding of the Consciousness of everything is an amazing breakthrough in our understanding of the reality in which we exist.

Understanding this changes the way we treat each other, the world and everything in it. It changes the way we lead our lives and enhances greatly the value we place on what really matters. It raises our spiritual Consciousness and that is what changes the world.

Peace, justice and equality can only be achieved by a shift in our consciousness and understanding of the nature of the universe. An unconscious mind is blind, callous, greedy, materialistic and ego-centric. It is the world we live in today, a world that manifests all these characteristics with the consequences we see all around us.

You owe it to yourself to raise your understanding of the extraordinary truth and nature of the reality of our connected existence. The answers are right there before our very eyes in the wonders that surround us.

Click on the title to learn more about plant consciousness. It will open your eyes and expand your mind.


Do it and your lives will be enriched beyond measure.

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