Friday, June 29, 2012

When will they realise?

When will all the would be comptrollers, realise that social adhesion, respect for authority and the building of a common destiny never has and never can be built on lies, deceit and illusions. When will they realise that real good can only prevail if truth and integrity prevail and nothing worth a pittance will ever come from a philosophy, of spin, half truths and outright deceit.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The demise of journalism

There was a time when journalism was a respected profession. Sadly much of it is now either absolute tripe or opinionated propaganda. Most reasonably intelligent people see through it and ignore it. The journalists on the other hand remain under the illusion that we are all stupid. More fool them!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Cosmic microwave background radiation

Some facts of interest on the frequencies of CmB (cosmic microwave background).

The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) is the isotropic, electromagnetic radiation which resulted from the explosion of the universe between 15 and 18 billion years ago. This theory, accepted by many but not all, is called The Big Bang theory. The Big Bang was the explosion of the universe from the extremely small, dense, and hot conditions of the early universe. The photons and baryons present in this environment formed plasma, a gas of ionized matter united with the radiation also found in the atmosphere. After the universe exploded, the temperature decreased and the universe began to expand very rapidly. Particles such as electrons, neutrinos, protons, and neutrons, which were non-existent in the era before the explosion due to the extremely high temperatures began to form in the cooler temperatures. For the next 300,000 years, the particles scattered around the universe. The universe was opaque because the photons constantly bumped into the additional particles, such as the electrons, protons, and neutrinos, thus not allowing the photons to travel far distances. Anytime the protons and electrons attempted to combine, the photons had enough energy to rip them apart. Eventually, the temperature decreased so greatly that it was possible for the electrons and protons to combine without intervention from the photons, and neutral hydrogen atoms were formed. This period in time is referred to as "recombination.""Recombination"turned the formerly opaque universe transparent. In turn, matter and radiation were disunited. The photons were able to travel throughout the universe, free from interaction with matter. The vast array of photons that roam the universe is now what we refer to as Cosmic Microwave Background.

Cosmic Microwave Background is the greatest evidence in support of the Big Bang theory. Due to the constant expansion of the universe, the radiation had cooled to 2.73 K. The cmB is isotropic, meaning that it is uniform throughout the universe in all directions. The cmB spectrum is a perfect blackbody, or an object capable of absorbing all the electromagnetic radiation that it comes in contact with. By observing the cmB, scientists can learn a great deal about the universe after the big bang. The cmB does not have one specific frequency, but many frequencies throughout the microwave range. The peak frequency is 160.4 GHz. The frequencies range from 0.3 GHz to 630 GHz.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Creation v evolution

Whether you are a creationist or evolutionists it is self evident that evolution is a necessity for the expansion of life. No doubt science can explain much of the process but certainly not all. How for example did life organise itself into an interconnected, interdependent, self balancing chain? How did cells decide that they should evolve into specific organs, skeletons and species and so on? Unproven assumptions are made by both evolutionists and creationists based on the observable world i.e. we started as single cells which over a period of time developed organs, skeletons, legs, arms, wings ad infinitum. No one however has ever convincingly explained how.

I've watched a lot of David Attenbrough programs on the natural world and we are asked simply to "accept" that these steps occurred without any proof or explanation as to how! This however does not lend more or less support to either the creationist or evolutionists camps. It simply leaves a gap in our understanding.

It is because science cannot answer all the questions that philosophers come into their own. They go into realms that science by it's very nature cannot. Science studies the world through microscopes rather like a mechanic trying to work out how a machine functions or not as the case may be. He is not concerned with who made the rocks from which the metals were made or the fossils from which the plastics and fuel were derived. He is concerned only about how the engine functions. He is in fact analysing a creation that has evolved from brimstone and fire so to speak.

That is what scientists do. They analyse a creation that exists. One cannot study the inexistent. If that creation is the manifestation of an intelligent consciousness and they cannot prove that it is not, then they are studying the work of it's creator.

If on the other hand the creation is a freak random accident with no purpose or logic doomed to extinction, then life is a pointless exercise in futility, as is evolution and all the suffering and rare joy that it entails. It is all for nothing and that includes the science behind it. Why bother to evolve? Why bother to understand? Why suffer? None of it has any purpose. That is an intolerable and senseless state in which there are no consequences for right or wrong. What does it matter whether we destroy ourselves and the world, whether we rape, pillage or murder? The end result would be the same whether we make peace, love and build or make war, hate and destroy! Is that believable? Is that more believable than the opposite state where right and wrong matter and everything has purpose and consequence? The answer is there for all to see.

We now know thanks to quantum physics that because everything including ourselves is made of exactly the same matter, the entire universe and ourselves are part of a unified entity. Could the universe function in an orderly and balanced way, if everything was separate and disconnected from everything else. The answer has to be absolutely impossible. Thus there IS purpose in the design without which it could not function. That purpose is reflected in everything we see including and especially evolution.

The purpose of evolution is to attain perfection. Compare the first automobile with today's design or the first flying machine with Concorde. Compare the first organisms with the complex life forms we now see. Compare the ignorance of stone age humanity with the growing enlightenment of modern beings. In the face of the overwhelming evidence that surrounds us one cannot but conclude that life is filled with purpose and that there is a right way and a wrong way, the consequences of which are clearly visible.

The only possible conclusion is that the universe is a conscious entity. This is becoming clearer with experiments showing consciousness in plants and even water. Everything is conscious at some level. As already stated it is impossible to see how the universe could function without being self conscious. Indeed this universal consciousness must be an evolving entity because everything is a reflection of its own nature. What we see around us is the evidence of it's own truth. To pretend that that which we witness all around us is other than it is, is the greatest deception of all.

I therefore see no conflict between evolution and creationism. They are one and the same thing. Evolution is the result of struggle without which universal life would inevitably stagnate and wither. Through struggle life adapts and becomes stronger. Thus there is purpose in struggle and thus there is purpose in life. Our universe is flourishing and expanding as it must in order to survive. This is not a freak random phenomenon that came from nothing (scientifically impossible) that will end in nothing. There never was nothing and there will never be nothing. Out of nothing, nothing can come.

More thoughts on consciousness

Many experiments have been carried out that indicate plant consciousness. It has also been observed in water. This suggests that everything possesses consciousness at some level which in turn indicates that the entire universe is a conscious entity. Indeed I do not see how it could function without a connective and/or collective consciousness.

Everything derives from energy. We are energy. Energy is the source of creation. The laws of physics are what give order to the universe. These laws are in-built into the sub-atomic particles that make up the universe. These particles must therefore contain consciousness.