Friday, May 18, 2012

The purpose of struggle

Looking at the world at large it has long been clear that greed, corruption, selfishness, false ideology, ego and superficiality are the driving forces that shape the planet and our existence in it. Our world is a reflection of our state of mind or if you prefer our consciousness or lack of it. The result is injustice, inequality, famine, terrorism, pollution and so on. Clearly unless we change course and raise our consciousness we are heading for the abyss. It is therefore obvious that the "truth" does not lie in the path we are following. The suffering of the world is a direct result of these dark ego driven forces. Our suffering is largely self imposed. It is no good blaming God. We are where we are because we ignore the only truth that can make a difference, the truth that is love. If we put love at the heart of everything we do, the existance of greed, corruption, etc., would no longer take centre stage. Thus the path of enlightenment can only be found in the light of love.

The problem is that the human condition is a paradox, a diaspora of contradictions that makes struggle and conflict inevitable. Why? What is the purpose of this suffering? It appears to be in-built into the design of creation which would seem on the surface to be the work of a cruel and heartless creator. Of all the questions that need an answer this is perhaps the most important.

Having thought long and hard on the subject, I can only conclude that perfection cannot be created with the wave of a magic wand at the outset. Perfection like creation is an evolutionary process. Perfection is the end result of creation not the starting point. If everything were perfect at the outset, we would have no understanding of it without having an equal understanding of the opposite state. We must therefore make that journey that leads us eventually to that state of bliss. If that is true and I must believe it is then it would indicate that existence is experienced in many planes. As our consciousness evolves we transit from one plane of existence to another. This leads me to believe that "God" is also an evolving entity. If we consider that everything in the universe is undergoing a process of evolution and if the universe is a manifestation of "God", this would make sense.

So in brief enlightenment can only be acquired through struggle. This principle is in-built into the fabric of nature and thus seems logical as well as necessary for the evolution of everything including the spirit. This said, God has also given us the the key to enlighlightenment. All we have to do is look for it and use it. The Bible tells us "God is love".

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