Saturday, May 19, 2012

Searching for the nature of God

The next big question that needs resolving is the nature or form of the creator. I do not pretend to know who or what God is. I claim only to have reflected upon the question deeply for almost longer than I care to remember. The following are therefore merely my reflections in written form.

The image of a wise old man with a white beard in the sky is of a God made in our image. That is highly improbable as as I am sure most would agree. Therefore if there is a God we must search for a more plausible understanding that somehow ties in with the reality we perceive and our limited understanding of science as well as the insights of ancient and modern mystics.

In brief the only answer I can come up with is that the universe and everything in it is derived from a source of energy. Without it nothing would exist. I have to believe if there were a God he/she/it would have to be in some way, shape or form a source of energy, perhaps the source of energy from which everything emerged. If this were so this source or force would have to be conscious and intelligent, perhaps the source of all consciousness. This energy the source of consciousness would be the driving force of everything both visible and invisible. From it would emerge all the forces that combine to create the visible and invisible universe. Einstein said that if there are laws (of physics) then logically there must be a law maker. These laws are encoded in the molecules that make up the universe and everything in it.

The universe is itself illusory. The molecules from which everything is made are 99% empty space yet the objects we see appear solid. Scientists tell us that if the solid matter contained in every human on Earth were collected and combined it would be no larger than a sugar cube! These are mind boggling facts that are almost beyond our comprehension. In essence we see objectivity where in reality there is only empty space. It's almost as though someone or something has painted a picture on a blank canvas; only the canvas is emptiness. I have never seen a painting materialise out of thin air. A painting requires an artist and his paints. Furthermore the artist must possess a consciousness that enables him or her to envisage the image he wishes to create. Above all he needs energy to undertake his task. This is I think a good analogy because it encompasses the necessary functions of the creative process.

For it to work though we need some evidence of the nature of consciousness. What is it? Is it a function of the mind or is it an external force that is visibly imbued in the fabric of the universe itself? To try and answer this question I have read up on experiments that indicate that plants and water possess consciousness. Plants, it is claimed have a higher level of conscious than some lower levels of insects and animals. Like plants, water apparently responds consciously to positive and negative frequency stimulation as do we humans. Interestingly we are ourselves largely composed of water as are plants. If this is true then there is a strong possibility we will discover consciousness at some level everywhere and in everything in the universe. Indeed the entire universe may well be a conscious entity. It is therefore not beyond the bounds of reason that the universe is a manifestation of consciousness and that consciousness is what we call God. As we are discovering, everything appears to be interconnected to everything else. This interconnection indicates that there is no objective separation of galaxies planets, plants or other elements such as water or ourselves. In which case the whole universe is an active and reactive single conscious entity where everything is connected to everything else.

In other word the entire universe is the manifestation of it's creator, the entity or force we call "God".

This explanation of the nature and form of God is I believe one that is believable. It is that of the artist, the grand designer rather than one occupied by the petty detail of our personal lives. It is nevertheless no less comforting because I do believe the words, "God is love" is at the heart of this consciousness. There is a good argument to be made for this hypothesis but that must be for another time. Suffice it to say that when one acts out of love the world becomes a much brighter place. There is enormous comfort and hope in this vision of God. If we follow the path of enlightened love we can raise our levels of consciousness and become part of the blissful and boundless joy that such a state can bring. If not we walk blindly and joylessly  on a path of darkness. These appear to be self evident,  fundamental, eternal  and inescapable truths, the only real truths that really exist. This is the truth of God in my humble view.

Lastly, I have never believed that the universe spontaneously self combusted into existence from a state of nothingness. A state of nothingness is a contradiction in terms. If it existed it would be something. It is therefore an impossibllity. This being the case there can never have been a beginning nor can there be an ending. There is just an eternal state of being and this state of being is in constant evolution. This concept defies the understanding of science which must have a beginning and an end to everything and that is why science continually finds itself going down blind alleys. They have as yet failed to understand that if God exists he/she/it is the science they study. If this is right, God is the ultimate law maker, the artist par excellence.

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