Friday, August 23, 2013

Risks of Genetically modified food - evidence

Communication from War On Want

The Environment Minister Owen Paterson is backing genetically modified food - neglecting evidence provided in the longest independent study on genetically modified (GM) corn feed to date.  The ground-breaking 2012 study links GM and the use of pesticide Roundup to organ damage and increased risk of tumours. Previous studies have been carried out by companies such as Monsanto who themselves produce GM crops.

War on Want has helped organise a speaker tour, giving you the opportunity to hear from the leading scientist who has provided independent evidence on the risks of GM food.  We will have a series of events in Scotland, Wales and England during the GM Health Risk Week (2-8 September) where you'll hear a different perspective to what the media and the UK government are saying.

The GM Health Risk Week: an event near you!

David Cameron pledged £395 million from the UK Aid budget during the G8 forum to support private initiatives involved in spreading GM crops in Africa. This investment, under the guise of aid, will in fact lock small-scale farmers into dependency on corporate providers of seeds and chemical fertilisers, undermining any chance of defeating hunger. Farmers and civil society organisations across Africa oppose it.

The UK government should suspend its funding for research into GM crops. Instead it should support agricultural research focused on sustainable, organic and traditional seed propagation developed by small-scale farmers around the world.

The risks of GM food and crops to the food system and human health have been downplayed by the UK government and the media.

Join us to learn more about risks that GM poses to our food system.

I look forward to seeing you,

Graciela Romero
International Programmes Director

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