Thursday, August 29, 2013

Syria - the great test of true leadership

When politicians constantly muddy the waters of truth with incessant spin to make themselves look better or to deceive the public into thinking things are better than they really are, we the public, no longer know what to believe. The public naturally becomes highly sceptical. Worse it loses respect for the political classes and authority in general. This is a searing condemnation of those we elected to represent us.

We find they are undeserving of our trust and thus our respect. Thus we are unable to believe a word they say. They show us by their actions how indifferent they are to the truth and the general public. They take us for fools and thus make fools of themselves, something they appear not to comprehend at all or if they do, they dont care. That is the saddest indictment of their lack of integrity and wisdom and it is truly staggering.

Hence when Cameron and Obama stand up and tells us that the Assad regime is guilty of using chemical weapons against its own people and they are preparing to strike, despite conflicting evidence, despite the fact that a UN inspection team is on the ground gathering evidence which has not yet been presented, we are naturally dumbfounded and extremely sceptical.

Why would Assad risk losing his only remaining allies, Russia, China and Iran? Its sheer stupidity. It does not make sense. That is not to say that his regime is not capable of such idiocy but it is as yet far from proven. That Obama, Cameron and their supposed allies were prepared to strike without having all the facts being gathered by UN inspectors to hand, smacks of political impropriety at the very least. At worst it smacks of much more sinster motives including deception and lack of regard for truth.

We must never again allow ourselves to be used as cannon fodder by the elite for their lust for power and control over the world's financial, mineral and agricultural resources. We are sick of these antiquated dinosaurs and their twisted perception of the politics of power and domination that have led the world down a path of mutual destruction and insanity for millenia.

We the people are no longer prepared to be sacrificial lambs in this monstrous game of self agrandisment of the few at the expense of the many. We are not pawns. We are people. We demand peace for everyone, food on the table for all, free universal education and the right to bring our children up in tranquilty wherever we live in the world.

We demand that those we elect to represent us stop investing in war and switch resources towards investment in peace. That is the only hope of creating a peaceful world. We elect politicians not to make the world worse but better. That is how we ensure our survival. There is no other. Love begets love and hate begets hate. Its that simple.

Cameron's and Obama's legacy, unlike those who have gone before will be decided by their ability to steer the world away from war not to take it to war for which history will forever condemn them.

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