Thursday, August 22, 2013

Knowledge without wisdom

The state of the world is definitive proof that the direction we have been pursuing is misguided. The world of materialism is the path to self destruction and yet it is almost impossible to escape this web into which we are born and in which 99.9% of us are entrapped. Without a great awakening we cannot escape the strands of this web. Knowledge is useless, even dangerous when seperated from wisdom. Those that control the levers of the world are sadly blinded by their ego, greed and lust for earthly power.

Each one of us must work as hard as we can to awaken their spirit. We must come together to show them the terrible error of their ways. We must demand change and we can best do that perhaps by changing ourselves and refusing to follow their road map to destruction.

To all who work so hard to show us the light of truth, bless you.

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