Sunday, March 09, 2008

Thank you Harry

Harry Patch is 109 years old and is apparently the last living veteran of World War I. The Poet Luareate today read a poem composed for him in his honour. The two war generations were indeed a special breed, the like of which we may never see again. Today's youngsters seem totally unaware of the debt we all owe to Mr. Harry Patch and his contempories and this is a scandalous neglect of our educational and social system.

Today's binge drinking, knife carrying, gun toting yobs don't know they have been born. Good people like Mr. Harry Patch and indeed my parents put their lives on the line for all the following generations and how do we repay them? We deny them dignity and proper health care in their old age. We even deny them respect. We don't deserve the sacrifice they made.

Well, I just want to add my thanks and deepest respect to this wonderful gentleman and all those who fought and died for our freedom. Thank you sir.

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