Thursday, March 13, 2008


The Steven Hawking documentary in two parts on the Theory of Everything was fascinating and dealt with amongst other things, the latest thinking on String Theory. Hawking’s main obstacle to establishing a theory of everything has been explaining the weakness of gravity. M-theory could provide the answers.

However what struck me was his belief that the universe evolved from nothing, rather like a bubble one blows through a hoop from a mixture of soapy water. Now I’m no genius, but I have enormous difficulty with this idea.

If it were possible for something to materialise out of nothing once, then why shouldn’t such a phenomenon occur twice or a billions times? In the history of the Earth there is not a single recorded incident of something materialising from nothing. Not even Jesus was able to do that. He needed water to make wine and one fish and a loaf to feed the five thousand.

Therefore, with the best will in the World and all due respect, I believe Steven Hawking is clutching at straws in this regard.

Nothing can be made from nothing. 0 = 0. I defy anyone to take nothing and make something. I would suggest, it’s never been done and if it has been done then why can’t we do it all the time? Everything we have ever seen has been made from something, including I would suggest, the universe(s).

If that is true, then a state of nothingness never existed.

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