Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dangerous Games

The recurring theme of power politics down the ages is that all wars are caused by a handful of unscrupulous, misguided, egotistical, shortsighted leaders who as always, create an agenda (largely out of old habits as well as for their own purposes) into which we the ordinary people are inextricably drawn.

These few people, be it Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe or more recently Putin and Bush and their respective acolytes, gradually through the use of media spin and government propaganda, enslave the minds of ordinary people (Russians, Americans or indeed ordinary peoples anywhere and everywhere) making them believe that the one is a threat to the other.

Before long all Russians are suspicious of all Americans, and visa versa, when in truth all ordinary Russians and Americans really want is to be friends, get along and raise their families in peace and security like everyone else. The Putins and Bushes of this World want nothing more than to demonstrate their power and play with their military toys. They are like kids in the playground trying to prove who is the toughest. Only they are not kids and it is not a school playground. Nor are they playing with toy guns. They are playing with lethal weapons and the real lives of millions of ordinary people. Their truly miniscule imaginations and lack of true wisdom is reflected in their gigantic egos which fills the limited space between their ears.

Instead of using their combined wealth and power to solve the divides between nations, tackle poverty, eradicate disease and build bridges between peoples and cultures, they choose instead to prepare for war by creating unecessary threats and false enemies. This is the evil and blind insanity of many of our respective political leaders.

It's time that we the people of the world called a halt to their dangerous little power games. It's time that we the ordinary people of the world made it crystal clear that we are simply not interested in their playground antics. We want only to live in friendship and peace with each other. I and most of my fellow countrymen and woman have nothing against ordinary Russsians, Americans, Africans, Asians or Arabs but we detest many of their politicians just as much as we detest our own.

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