Thursday, June 23, 2005

Blair calls for EU Reform

Mr. Blair today reiterated his call for EU reform when addressing the EU Parliament. His speech appears to have fallen on fertile ground amongst many Europeans. However, it is amazing to me that nobody has pointed out the fact that for years now, Mr. Blair has been telling us all how good Europe is for Britain and our economy.

Now he is telling us that Europe is in a mess and urgently needs reforming! Come on Mr. Blair, who are you kidding? You cannot have it both ways. The French, Dutch and others are seiously dissillusioned by the so called "European project" as underlined in their referenda on the proposed EU Constitution. Mr Blair, it seems has only just found out how deep the "merde" really is! How can anyone take anything he says seriously?

Backed into a corner by Mr Chiraq on the matter of Britain's rebate, Mr. Blair has seen an opportunity to embarrass his French tormentor, hoping that no one will pick up the contradiction in his former stance on Europe. Well, I have a message for him. We've rumbled you Mr. Blair and some of us have seen through you for years. Your elbow is attached to your arm by the way.


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