Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dumber and dumber

The deliberate and misguided manner in which politics, education and the media are being dumbed down by the numbskulls that control these institutions, is creating a society of dimwits who know who David Beckham is but have not got a clue who Admiral Nelson was. They know the names of the "Big Brother" contestants on television but have barely heard of Winston Churchill!

A dumb nation is doomed to rot at the bottom of the pile. A nation without mathmeticians, scientists, engineers, poets and painters is nation on the road to oblivion. A nation without morals and a sense of respect for its fellow beings or its heritage is like a storm tossed ship that has no idea where it is headed or indeed what fate awaits it.

It's time to sound the alarm and come to our senses or sink into the abyss of chaos that is slowly but surely enveloping us. Where has all the common sense gone?


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