Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Merci Monsieur Chiraq

It's not often the British or at least a sizeable chunk of them have reason to thank French politicians but the "non" vote against the proposed so called European Constitution is one of them. So thank you Mr. Chiraq for running such a scaremongering and negative campaign. Thanks also to the socialist anglophobes who hate the Anglosaxon penchant for liberal global trade principles. You have succeeded in killing off the nightmare of a centrally controlled, anti-democratic socialist superstate without any help from us and we are grateful for that at least.

We would have voted against it too but for an entirely different reason. We simply want to retain our sovereignty. We wanted to remain a country and not a county of Europe. Thanks to your "no" vote you may also remain a country. You will continue to be governed by a democratically elected French citizens rather than unelected eurocrats, whose only interest is the feathering of their own nests and ever larger expense accounts.

Who would have predicted this result five years ago? Irony lives on and so does European democracy, however quirky it may be. That is all to the good and one in the eye for the "elitist" bureaucrats, who would love nothing better than to run the show for their own benefit. Thanks to your hatred for all things Anglosaxon, we have got our way. Salut mes amis!

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