Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The President is not in control

Given the recent scandal with regard to massive worldwide surveillance by US intelligence agencies, notably the NSA and UK's GCHQ including the monitoring of the phone conversations of 35 world leaders particularly German Chancellor Merkel, the reader will find the following short YouTube video very revealing.

Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer asserts that the White House has lost control of huge swathes of strategic government sectors. To some this might come as a shocking revelation. To others this will be seen as just another ridiculous conspiracy theory. Others will have known this for a long time.

Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer on UFOs, US Government, the industrial military complex, free energy

However, the conspiracy theorists have strong evidence on their side. We have a clear warning of the dangers of an over-powerful industrial military complex from one of America's most respected Presidents, notably General Eisenhower and the revelation of a "monolitic and ruthless conspiracy" from another great President, John F Kenney.

Those who believe that the massive US surveillance scandal is principally about spying are being deceived. It is not. It is about an inexcusable abuse of power, unwarranted secrecy and non-compliance with the law. It is not just about gathering information on potential terrorist threats. It is far more about gathering any and all information on everybody and everything and having a monopoly over its control. The President, by his own admission was not informed that Chancellor Merkel's phone was being monitored even though he has had several one to one meetings with her! If he is being kept out of the loop on such basic matters as spying on world leaders, what else is he not being told?

Despite all this intelligence gathering, the security services were not able to prevent the Boston bombing or the Nairobi Westgate terror atrack to mention but two. Probably too busy listening to Merkel's telephone calls! There is much more that can be said about these particular attacks but that is not what this article is about. It is about the inevitable abuses of power that always occurs and always will occur when power is cloaked in secrecy and let no one convince you otherwise. The nature of secret operations means it is far more difficult to monitor and hold to account those agents and activities that are hidden from view. It equally negates transparency.

This is really what the Snowden revelations are about. It is about abuse of power and our right to decide what our governments do or dont do in our name. Before Snowden we really did not know the extent of these nefarious activities. That right to know had been withdrawn arbitrarily and without our knowledge and far less, our consent. That is what this hoopla is really all about and its of vital importance we do not lose sight of it as it impinges on our democratic rights, our freedoms, our privacy and above all our right to hold our representatives to account!

Unwittingly, Snowdens's revelations have also highlighted a more disturbing question! Who is running America? How much does the President really know? Who is pulling the strings?

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