Thursday, March 21, 2013

Letter to the Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt - Secretary of State for Health

Dear Minister,

There are something's that are not for sale, one of which is healthcare. The prime objective of the NHS is CARE of the sick. The prime objective of private companies is profit pure and simple either by cutting costs, raising prices or compromising on quality or all three. The public are already fed up with the rip-off mentality of the now privately owned rail transport and utility companies. The food industry is equally guilty of serious negligence with regard to the health of consumers. Greedy banks along with complacent government have ruined the economy for everyone.

So as we can see privatisation is not the holy grail this government seems to believe it is. The government believes it can escape responsibility for it's own duty of care by handing it over to someone else, whom they can then blame if things go wrong. This is unacceptable. Healthcare is a social issue not a business enterprise.

The government must act with integrity to reform the standards of inpatient care and the efficacy of strong leadership on the wards based on the humanitarian principles that are the foundation of the NHS.

Outpatient services are generally excellent but at the present time there are many wonderful nurses and staff who are being badly let down by an uncaring ethos amongst some of their colleagues which then reflect on the service as a whole.

Your job as Minister is to make the NHS better, not offload your responsibility and work load to others whose main empathy is with money, not healthcare!

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