Thursday, January 10, 2013

Top Secret America

If you are concerned about the growing power of corrupt government and diminishing individual freedom you must make yourself aware of this investigation carried out by the Washington Post.

Here you will find duplicity of gargantuan proportions, deceit and double deceit, incompetence on a massive scale or deliberate misdirection in order to cover up secret agendas from the tax paying citizens who are financing it and the authorities who are theoretically responsible for managing and monitoring them.

You will find agencies within agencies hiding information from each other. Nobody it seems has a handle on the whole picture just fragments of it. It seems highly unlikely that the President has a handle on what is being done and the American people are being kept largely in the dark by the agencies who are supposedly there to serve their best interests; but how can anyone judge, if it is all done in secret behind closed doors.

The American people have a right to know what their tax dollars are financing. They have the right to know what purpose FEMA fusion centres serve. How many are there? What exactly do they do? They have the right to know why huge underground bunkers are being constructed, how many, where, at what cost and what is their capacity and why? They have the right to know why residential camps surrounded by double barbed wire perimeter fences and inward facing razor wire are being built in different locations around the country. How many? What is the capacity of these camps and why? They have the right to know the truth about the hundreds, possibly thousands of UFO sightings witnessed by countless people in the U.S. and around the world.

They have the right to know what is going on with HAARP technology, chemtrails, weather control and anything else that may have either negative or positive effects. They have the right to have all the current feedback related to GM crops. Are they harming us or the wild life? What impact are they having on the environment and disease? All these things are done in secret. Why? What is so sensitive about them that these activities must be kept secret?

How can any society trust a government that behaves covertly on so much that affects the lives and freedoms of so many? It cannot. Where is the justification for secrecy and how can anyone know even if there is one, if everything is cloaked in secrecy? Where is the evidence that tax dollars are being spent wisely for the benefit or detriment of citizens? Surely, if these projects were so beneficial to the American people, the President would be shouting these achievements from the roof tops! Do you hear him? I don't, nobody does.

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