Thursday, January 24, 2013

Letter to Mr. Cameron - Davos 2013

There are many more problems to be resolved before hunger can be eradicated than those listed in the IF campaign. First and foremost is the problem of endemic corruption in some developing countries. Until governments themselves recognise their own responsibility to tackle poverty in their own countries, very little can or will be achieved.

It is frankly a disgrace that those in power focus more on enriching themselves and expanding the trappings of power than on programs to alleviate the unjust suffering of so many in their societies. These leaders have a unique opportunity to create historic legacies for themselves by raising the living standards and education of the poorest in their countries but too often use their positions to enrich themselves instead.

How can India justify spending tens or hundreds of billions on a space program whilst millions go hungry? How can Mugabe justify building himself an extravagant palace whilst his people die of famine and so on?

Why is it that these and all leaders cannot comprehend that leading their societies to a higher and better place is the best way to enure their own continuance in positions of authority?

As important is the need for the removal of unfair tariffs on value added products from developing countries into trading blocks such as the EU. We need to create a level playing field for international trade and the best way to do this is to create new partnerships based on mutually beneficial interests with countries who grow the produce we all consume. This will require a completely new understanding of the meaning and value of co-operation between trading nations as well as a restructuring and standardisation of import/export tax codes for all countries enabling a fairer distribution of benefits between all parties.

To achieve this, importing and exporting nations will need to enter a new era of meaningful joint venture in which all parties can benefit mutually from the profits that are jointly generated. This will lead to a rapid expansion of trade worldwide and therefore higher tax revenues internationally providing the means to tackle poverty more effectively and provide universal education to those who still have little or no access to this basic essential human right.

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