Friday, March 18, 2011

Obama’s transformation from confrontor to accommadator

There is nothing new in Obama’s transformation from confrontor to accomadator. Every previous American and Western government were, to their shame and ours accomadators of tyranny.

What is sad is that Obama was the first to understand the longer term importance of confronting bad governace. Taking the bull by the horn sooner rather than later would avoid the inevitability of being tossed and trampled by the bull as it grew fatter and more arrogant with time. Ignore a problem short term and you make it worse long term.

Quite apart from anything else it is the roll of leadership to take humanity to a higher place. To do nothing is to be an accomplice and to condone immoral and murderous regimes. This never has been nor ever can be in anyone’s self interest, other than the dictators themeselves.

In Obama the World saw hope and the possibility of change and therein lies the sadness. So little has as yet changed. However to believe that anyone else would have understood the problem, let alone do anything about it, is self delusion.

Obama was and still is the only World leader who has come close to understanding the need for a new politics which is not based on the beligerent use of raw power and self interest at the expense of the common interest. He understands that self interest can only be served when and if it is aligned to the common interest.

As someone who lived and worked in Africa for many years I know what harm has been caused by sustaining the fetid status quo in the name of so called self interest.

I hope Obama will not lose sight of the fundamental wisdom that gave hope to so many.

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