Thursday, March 31, 2011

What or who is God?

If there is a God would he/she/it be the supreme energy that controls every living cell? Is this perhaps how cells developed different functions, some cells developed into skeletons, others into eyes, limbs, leaves, trees and so on. Could these cells have developed in such a structured way by chance, haphazardly or  randomly to produce the extremely complex world we live in?

Watching David Attenborough's fascinating programs on life on Earth and Brian Cox in the Wonders of the Universe, they give no rational or scientific explanation for the way in which cells developed into complex and complementary structures, each enhancing and enabling life to thrive and survive. This developmental process is simply assumed to have taken place given the visible end results but no indication is given as to how this occurred. The why is clear, the creation of a living viable and sustainable eco-system, but the how is far from clear. It is unscientific to simply say that organisms "developed" skeletol frames, limbs, eyes, lungs, etc. without understanding how. As we can see all around us this process could not have been random, i.e. without purpose. You cannot concoct a chicken curry without the right ingredients and you cannot concoct intelligent life without intelligence. Or if you can where is the proof?

Is the answer that each cell required a catalyst, an instruction, and/or an intelligence to meatmorphose in a certain way as part of a pre-determined grandiose creational scheme? Where is the proof to the contrary? I have yet to see it.

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