Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whatever happened to the BBC?

What happened to journalism? Thirty or forty years ago journalists reported events. Today they offer opinions about events. They stamp their own views on the consciousness of  viewers and listeners. They opine. They seek the extreme edges of events, be they floods, earthquakes or some gruesome murder to sensationalise their so called reporting and better draw focus to their own over-inflated egos.

News programs today are packed with negativity. They present a one sided view of the world which is utterly depressing and totally false. A sop to cheeriness is added in an item about pandas or some other cuddly story in the last item of news. This is supposed to make us all feel better before we trudge off to bed, those of us that is, that are still watching.

We have no idea what casualties have been inflicted on the enemy in Afghanistan. We are never told but we know the names of every single one of our soldiers killed in action. Why? Did the media highlight the deaths of every soldier killed in WW1, WW2,  or the Korean War. Of course not, that would have taken all day to read out. So why are the relatively few deaths of today's fighting men given such prominence? What is the purpose of it?  If you listen to the news, it would appear that only our soldiers are dying. Our allies for all we know, have suffered few if any casualties. As for the enemy who knows? We certainly do not but the question is why not? Do the powers that be think we are idiots that we must only be told only what they want us to know, that we cannot be told the facts or that we should not be given the opportunity to make up our own minds? Who can trust an authority that tries so hard to maipulate the news and by inference our minds?

This is not news broadcasting. This is mind manipulation, media brainwashing and government propaganda. It's abysmal. It's depressing. It's unbalanced and therefore presents a false image of the world we live in. I for one have switched off.

I do not trust the integrity or the motives of those whose job it is to inform us. I do not want opinions. I want news and I want both sides of it not one. I want to hear what is new in the world of science, technology, art and what positive initiatives are being taken by communities and people in our country and elsewhere to make the world a better place. I want to hear about all the good that is going on in the world as well as the bad. I am sick to my back teeth of the garbage that is being fed to us by the television and paper media and so are most people. We are all gradually switching off.

I could go on about the endless dreary repeats that our licence fees paid for donkey's years ago. What are they using licence payers money for now? So mind numbingly dull are many of the programs, I now prefer to watch old black and white films! I hate to think how many times these have been repeated but they are at least better than the rubbish showing on other channels. They at least have a bit of drama in their storylines. I could go on about reality shows and the general dumbing down of the BBC and other networks but I'm sure you have got the drift, so I wont bother. I simply ask who will save us from these donkeys?

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