Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Who harbours tyrants - the UN does!

(From old news item)

UN envoy upbeat on Mugabe talks

Mr Mugabe says the slums were cleared to root out crime. A UN envoy has spoken warmly of her discussions with Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe over his controversial urban slum demolition scheme.

Typical example of UN duplicity

It is time to admit that the United Nations can never be an effective arbiter of civilisation or international law whilst it is founded on the ill conceived often corrupted principles that pervade its entire structure. A United Nations that harbours despotic and corrupt member governments within its walls can and never will be anything but corrupt. Such a body will never be able to act effectively to protect the innocent from state barbarity. We need not look further than the genocide in Rwanda, the chaos in Zimbabwe, the slaughter in Sudan and the persecution of the Iraqi people by Saddam Hussein for over thirty years, to know this to be true.

In the absence of an effective international body responsible for the application of civilised rules of international behavior, countries will inevitably fall back on unilateral action to resolve problems and the world will continue to flounder from catastrophe to catastrophe. Until we understand that the serving of the common interest is the key to self interest, we will go nowhere worth going to.

Now is the time for the Iraqi people to show the world a better way. Their destiny lies not in the hands of the UN or the USA but in their own hands, if they did but realise it. It is what they now do that will determine what course the UN and USA will follow, not the other way around. Say yes to freedom. Say yes to democracy. Say yes to justice and above all say no to terror and the USA will become their client and not their master, their friend and not their enemy.

Re-printed from article written in September 2004


Ishmael said...

The UN turns a blind eye towards places like Zimbabwe and tyrants like Mugabe to right the perceived wrongs of the western world. In the UN's opinion, the ultimate evil resides in the West and anything that seems to oppose the West is preferred.

Quick UN summary: Mugabe no like white farmers, Mugabe good.
Anyone for political expediency and unintended consequences?

speakeezie said...

You are right. Political expediency always has unintended consequences. If the line ain't straight to start with, it never will be straight. Sadly politicians are so wrapped up in power politics they spend most of the time watching their backs rather than where they are going and inevitably miss the manhole right in front of them. Either that or they are even dumber than we think they are.

Ishmael said...

Politicians are far from dumb; they only make the appearance of being stupid. Politicians DO follow a straight line; they can't afford to let the populace know their true intentions.

Look hard and you will see the truth. As an example, tobacco was demonized as an evil cancerous weed, something had to be done to protect the public, and the political solution was extremely high taxes and monetary settlements to the US government. Since the state relies on the revenue generated by the tax increases we can't ban tobacco, so in the end it continues to be just as destructive to the health of the general public.

Some would think those stupid politicians can't do anything right, but they actually accomplished exactly what they intended.

Are there actually any unintended consequences in the political world after all?