Monday, January 01, 2007

Another War

Somalia targets Islamists' escape
Somalia's interim government appeals to Kenya to seal its border to stop fleeing Islamists from crossing.


It is time to start bringing those that initiate wars to account. Most if not all wars are the result of actions taken by a tiny minority of the world's population who hunger for power and wealth.

They are for the most part politicians, religious fanatics, self proclaimed revolutioneries or military commanders, seeking to boost their own self interests rather than those of the people they claim to represent; the vast majority of whom would rather live and raise their families in peace.

Why do we, the vast majority allow them to get away with it? How is it that we are so easily duped by their propoganda and why after centuries of abominations have we not yet comprehended the full horror of war? These are not virtual deaths that we are watching every day on our television screens. These are real people like you or I. They are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. They could be your mother, father, daughter or son. They could be you.

Wake up world and smell the coffee. It's aroma is so much more appealing than the stench of death.

Update: 9th January 2007

MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Many people died in a U.S. air strike on a southern Somali village occupied by Islamists believed to be sheltering at least one al Qaeda suspect, a Somali government source said on Tuesday.

"I understand there are so many dead bodies and animals in the village," the senior source told Reuters.

In the first known direct U.S. intervention in the Somali war that began over Christmas, an AC-130 plane rained gunfire down on the southern village of Hayo late on Monday.

"The Americans are saying an al Qaeda member heading operations in east Africa is among the Islamists there," the source said. He did not know the man's name or whether he died.

Hayo is in the southern tip of Somalia between Afmadow and Doble, areas where Ethiopian and Somali troops chased the Islamists' last remnants after ending their six-month rule of Mogadishu and most of southern Somalia in a two-week assault.


Anonymous said...

Do the Democrats or the UN know that the U.S. is conducting military operations in Somolia?

An immediate call for retreat is the only legitimate answer to this disasterous military blunder. Retreat and capitulation has always worked in the past hasn't it?

speakeezie said...

Well this was an attack so we are told against al Qaeda and in particular those who attcked the U.S. Embassies in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam. I hope they were sucsessful.
Witdrawals tend to be forced rather than voluntary i.e Vietnam. That worked out ok in the end for the Vietnamese. Iraq may well go the same way.
What's the point of fighting a war on behalf of people who shoot at you? I was for getting rid of Saddam Hussein and Robert Mugabe and all their ilk but the fact is Iraq is a debacle. We led the horse to water but apparently it is not thirsty.

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree, in every war in history up until the so called "war on terror", the entire citizen populace of the invaded country has almost immediately embraced the ideology of the invading armies.

Isn't it almost unheard of for groups of the deposed ruling parties to continue to fight against their so-called liberators?

speakeezie said...

If you mean that almost the entire citizen population of an invaded country has embraced their liberators, then I would agree.

If I was in a torture chamber along with thousands of others somewhere, I would certainly welcome my liberators and wonder why it took them so long to come to our rescue.