Wednesday, January 26, 2005


(For those who have gone, those who are going and those who remain behind.)

When the sun rises tomorrow,
I shall no longer be here,
I shall be gone from this dimension,
No longer a part of this world,
Which was my world and yours,
And will still be your world.

Where shall I have gone?
I don’t know.
But I shall have gone,
From you who loved me,
I feel it in my bones,
My time is close now.
My time has come, to go.

Though I shall miss you,
Though I am sad to go,
I have no fear.
In a strange way
I am ready to go,
Almost happy even,
For I know,
That this is not the journey’s end.
Another awaits me,
Just round the bend.

You will not see me again,
Not the way I was,
Nor where I used to be,
Though I may still see you,
Where you are, as you are,
And as you will be.

Oh! Make no mistake,
I shall miss you.
I miss you already
Though I am still here.

You were, you are my family,
My companions on this endless journey.
My heart is heavy but at the same time, happy,
Remembering the love,
The joy and the sadness,
We have shared,
For it is the sharing ,
That gives life meaning,
That bonds our souls together.

Yes, tears come to my eyes ,
With the sadness of knowing,
We shall not talk again,
Nor embrace, nor berate one another,
Nor laugh with and at each other,
At least not for a while anyway.

It’s hard to accept, I know,
But accept it, we must,
Because when the sun rises tomorrow,
The world and you will go on without me.

I shall no longer be here.
Where I shall be, I do not know,
But I sense that tomorrow
Will be my birthday,
The first day somewhere else,
A place much different,
From this world I am leaving.
But you have prepared me well,
For the next step of my journey,
All you who have loved me,
All you who have taught me,
All you that I have loved,
And even you, that I have hated.

So though I am sad to leave you,
I am ready to leave you.
I go without fear.
I go with a sense of anticipation,
Looking forward to fresh horizons,
And glorious new vistas.

Show me Lord, your wonders.
I am curious to see,
That which is greater still,
Than all I have ever seen,
There to await those I have loved,
And those who have loved me.

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