Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Caring sharing Blair

Tony Blair makes crusading speeches about saving Africa, Iraq and the world but today on BBC's Daily Politics program, we hear that hundreds of Britains, some badly injured, were virtually ignored by foreign office officials in Thailand, who left them more or less to their fate. Some were rescued by German teams who were on the scene in double quick time and air lifted out by Lufthansa.

Some of those Brits may well owe their lives to the German Government and I am sure their families will be forever grateful. They will however, be extremely disillusioned with the efforts or lack of them, of the British Government.

I've said it before and I may well say it again. Jack Straw, our erstwhile Foreign Secretary, strikes me as a most uninspiring individual. The fact that Blair should choose this bland, boring and somewhat lethargic man for this important post is testament to Blair's own insecurity. Heaven forbid that he should choose a Foreign Secretary who might outshine him on the world stage.

Blair himself was on holiday when the Tsunamis struck and chose to remain there. As far as I am aware, he issued no statement at the time, nor did he send any message to the people in the afflicted countries. If he did, it was certainly not well publicised by the media.

More shamefully however, is the fact that it was not until Blair et al realised that the British people had given more from their own pockets, than the government was proposing, that Blair increased government aid to the Tsunami victims.

I must add however, that the manner in which some governments have strived to make political capital from this disaster is unedifying to say the least. They're like a bunch of jocks in the showers after a football game, competing to see who has the biggest penis! My aid package is bigger than yours. No it's not! Yes it is! One thing is for sure, their egos are massive.

So much then for caring New Labour! I am convinced that Blair is really no more than a holograph and not a very convincing one at that!

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