Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Fallujah and all that

Having advertised the coalition forces intent to attack the insurgents in Fallujah for weeks in advance as well as the re-deployment of the British Blackwatch brigade to cut off escape routes, why am I surprised that the leaders of the insurgents left in their Mercedes cars before the attack took place? Well actually I am not surprised at all and I doubt very much anyone else is either. What a stupid way to fight a stupid war which like most wars could have been avoided if their were any integrity at all, in the world institutions that are supposed to be the guardians of international law and human rights.

Until international law is applied to all nations equally and fairly, until corrupt and evil governments are excluded from all international bodies including the U.N. and until the assets of these governments and their leaders are seized and sanctions including the right to travel are implemented, their will never be any alternative to military conflict. No country, be it the USA, China, Britain, France, Iraq or Zimbabwe can stand alone against the rest of the world. War is avoidable but only if we create a system that all but makes it impossible for corrupt governance to survive let alone thrive. The U.N. is the embodiement of all that is wrong with our world institutions. Its charter is badly flawed. It is incompetent and it is itself corrupt.

In the meantime the innocent in Fallujah are the latest victims as are the so called martyrs. Whilst the leaders escaped, their minions were left to die in the rubble. Strange how it is that the bigwigs seem reticent to join the martyrs and lay claim to their heavenly virgins. It must be a painful sacrifice for them, having to delay their entry into paradise whilst encouraging others to go before them. Their sense of duty would be most admirable, if one believed any of this nonsense at all.

These views may seem cynical but I do feel enormous sorrow for those who have died believing that the Almighty awaits in heaven with open arms to welcome those who destroy the life he has created. It sickens me to my stomach that anyone could be so gullible in the 21st century.

Come on people wake up. You are giving your lives for nothing other than to satisfy the thirst for power of ambitious and corrupt men. To live is the greatest reward of all and to love is the greatest gift. Live to see your children and your grand children. Live so that your children may live and their children after them. That is the true wish of Allah/God. Nothing else makes any sense at all.

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