Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bush Shakes Status Quo

I agree with Ian Duncan Smith, (ex. Conservative Party leader) that Europe has to now make a rapprochement towards George Bush and not the other way around. Bush's position has strengthened. He has acted in the war against terrorism while the rest of the world dillied and dallied. They have been left behind and had it been left to the French, Germans, Russians et al, the U.N. would still be sitting on its hands and Saddam Hussein would still be in power.

Sometimes the world needs to be shaken out of its lethargy and moved on. Given the intractable problems in the Middle East over the last three or four decades, it was time. I do not condemn Bush or America for going into Iraq. I condemn the French, Germans, Russians and the rest of the world for not having the wisdom, will or the courage to back the USA and do what needed to be done. It is imperative that the international community acts as one in the face of the threat posed by renegade regimes and sends a clear message that the civilised world will no longer continue tolerating the intolerable. In this solemn and moral duty, the French, Germans, Russians and others failed abysmally.

Let's face it. Does anyone seriously believe that Saddam Hussein would suddenly transform himself into a benevolent, peace loving democrat, just because we were nice to him? Does anyone believe that Iran and North Korea are going to give up their nuclear weapons programs because the UN passes a few more resolutions or that Robert Mugabe will walk off quietly into the sunset because we impose a few porous trade sanctions against Zimbabwe? The world needed a Bush at this time and we got one.

The World has always needed leadership and sadly the UN does not and is incapable of providing it. America has sent a clear signal that unless it gets its act together it really will become a redundant irrelevance. It must be reformed to exclude brutal, corrupt governments from membership. It is totally unacceptable in a supposedly civilised world, that barbaric dictators like Saddam Hussein and Robert Mugabe, should have their governments legitimised by and through membership of world organisations, such as the U.N.

The world needed shaking up. It needed a man like President Bush to catalyse change. It will be painful as change often is but it is necessary. If he and the rest of the world stand firm, we will come out the other side of the storm to a brighter future; as long that is, that he and the rest of the World also tackle the problems of poverty and injustice that go hand in hand with terrorism.

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Carrie's Husband said...

I agree, we need to work together, rather than be opposed simply on principle.

I'm not that big of a fan of Bush though, but we made our bed, and now we must sleep in it.