Monday, April 11, 2016

Actions Of EU Really Do Speak For Themselves

Whichever way one looks at it and whatever the truth or otherwise of various arguments and contentious claims made by campaigners on both sides of the EU Referendum debate, it is the actions of the EU elite that speak loudest and most truthfully. Whatever anyone says, the introduction of a supra-government has been carried out  largely by stealth in a step by step process with each new treaty reinforcing the authority of EU institutions over sovereign states. This is undeniable.

Seldom mentioned is the fact that the Cold War ended decades ago. The European landscape is now quite different to what it was  post WWII. There is no longer a war of ideologies between capitalism and communism. It is also a fact that Russia is a geographical part of the European continent and its  interests are not served by war but by trade and co-operation with Europe. This is just plain common sense.

However,  the political ambitions of the federalists can only be furthered, if they maintain the pretence that Russia remains the major threat to European and indeed world peace. Hence the constant demonisation of Putin and Russia, continues unabated in the western media  and political chambers of  Europe and particularly in the U.S. for whom Russia is the "arch"  threat to its own hegemony. The Wolfowitz Doctrine makes this very clear.

It is also a fact that Political Union has never been, is not, nor ever will be,  a pre-requisite for trade, co-operation on any level, including security, free movement, marriage, sex, happiness or anything else.

 It is however a pre-requisite for the centralisation of power in ever fewer hands  and the eventual and inevitable dissolution of nation states. The question is who does this benefit the most, the European people or those whose ambition it is, to exert their control over the political, institutional and corporate  levers of power?

The "doctrine" of "ever closer political union" is just that, a doctrine. It really has nothing to do with economics. That is the illusionary bait, the pretext that facilitates the political agenda. It is principally about power and too much power in anyone's hands is never in the interests of  people, in Europe or anywhere else.

This project is about geo-political dominance not of or by Europe but by the United States of America, using Europe as its frontline pawn, to keep any emerging powers that might threaten its world dominance in check. The destabilising actions of the USA  and its proxy allies, in the Middle East, Ukraine, Africa and China Seas are designed to undermine emerging powers and Russia in particular. This is the bigger game in play.

We the people of Europe are the sacrificial lambs in this deadly geopolitical game. What we have to decide is whether we are going to submit to this lunacy or start a much better game and exercise our own power and pursue the values that really matter to us; peace, co-operation and friendship built on trust and mutual interest and not just the self interest of  the money changers and their compliant political elites.

So let us make our voices loudly, clearly, unequivocally heard  and let us say, no more. Enough is enough. We are no one's sacrificial lamb. We see through the fog of hypocrisy and the smoke and mirrors and we definitively reject these false self serving political philosophies that have brought  the world to the abyss. We demand something much better and far more intelligent.


Unknown said...

WIthout the EU we will head for another continental war - reform is what we need not a break up

Unknown said...

EU institutions need a new set of reforms to stop being used as an instrument of US global politics.

In Croatia said...

EU institutions need a new set of reforms to stop being used as an instrument of US global politics.

speakeezie said...

Political institutions have no interest in rocking the cradle. It is a threat to the status quo and the status quo have no incentive to change it. We have been in the EU for decades pushing for reform. It has not happened and will not happen. We are a minority in the EU and that limits our influence to reform anything. There are too many conflicting national interests and that makes EU dysfunctional and unmanageable!

The EU is a political pawn in the U.S. geopolitical design which is to enshrine its own power by undermining other emerging powers, particularly Russia. Demonising Russia by creating the pretence that is the no1 threat to world peace serves this purpose. It is patent nonsense of course. The U.S. is terrified that Europe and Russia will form a partnership that that threatens its own hegemony. This is all made quite clear in what is known as the Wolfowitz Doctrine. One only has look around the world to see that this doctrine being enacted.

Britain should not be a slave in this immoral poliitical philosophy. Exiting the EU will enable us to form an independent view of world affairs and create alliances based on the values that matter to humanity as a whole and not some power crazed group bent on world domination.