Saturday, August 22, 2015

Like Lemmings to Kissinger's Abyss

The world is moving ever faster and inexorably towards the "abyss" referred to by Kissinger in a rather creepy interview on UK television.  According to him it will not come to an end until we stare into the abyss and comprehend the horror for ourselves. It is at this point we shall presumably come to our senses and beg for order to be restored by the same authorities responsible for the chaos to begin with. At which point, the much vaunted one world government, will take the reigns of power. 
In presenting this apocalyptic nightmare, Kissinger wittingly or unwittingly reveals himself and the workings of his mind. In so doing, he equally reveals the nature of his thoughts which it is reasonable to suppose, he must have discussed at length at the highest levels of government with officials from the Council For Foreign Relations, several past and present Presidents, intelligence agency and military chiefs and other influential and shadowy neocons hiding in the shadows of the deep state. 
The mayhem around the world today reflects almost exactly this nightmare vision. One cannot help but feel that this is not merely coincidence or far sighted modern day prophecy. Far from it. It is not a council of the wise. If it were, the powers that be, would have done far more to prevent such a catastrophic scenario unfolding in the first place. 
In truth, the shadowy elite that pull the strings behind the scenes have done their best to stoke the fires of discontent and division. This has been made clear by leaks from numerous sources including a televised interview with the former NATO Supreme Commander General Wesley-Clark, as well as current serving high ranking military officers.
According to General Wesley-Clark, plans to overthrow Saddam Hussein, were already at an advanced stage at the time 9/11 unfolded. The plan was launched within days of the destruction and collapse of the Twin Towers and World Trade Center Tower 7 (untouched by any aircraft) on the 11th September 2001. The decision to go to war with Iraq, irrespective of the presence or otherwise of weapons of mass destruction or any Al Qaeda terrorists, was taken within days of those events on 9/11. 
It is equally self-evident that plans for any pre-emptive strike must have been many months or even years in the planning prior to such an invasion. This was just the beginning. A larger plan had been hatched to take control of 6 other countries within five years including Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia and Iran. This is exactly what is happening. This is no coincidence. This is geopolitics driven by a doctrine of divide and rule and control and domination. This philosophy sees any other world powers as a risk to U.S. strength, as an enemy rather than a potential friend or partner. This is the Wolfowitz Doctrine in action.
This is and has always been the weak intellectual link in America's foreign policy  strategy. Kissinger and his band of co-conspirators have been engaged in a deadly game of geopolitical chess for decades with the aim of bringing their New World Order to fruition. Many references have been made to this  "new world order" by the likes of Kissinger himself as well as  G. H. W. Bush, G.W. Bush, the Clintons, Obama and John Kerry to name but a few. 
Frustrated in Syria by the Russian intervention, the neocons responded by stirring the pot in Ukraine (reference the Nuland/Pyatt leaked phone transcript) in an attempt to undermine Putin who was becoming a thorn in their sides by jeapordising their Stone Age stratagem to divide and rule the Middle East. 
Putin compounded their embarrassment in Syria by moving unexpectedly into Crimea to further thwart  U.S. plans to engineer regime change in Moscow by destabilising Russia's neighbour. Then came ISIS, created according to retired Supreme NATO Commander Genreral  Wesley- Clark, by "our friends and allies" in the region to  fight the Iranian backed Hezbollah group. Other high profile US military commanders  have said that the Obama administration willfully allowed the rise of ISIS which is much the same thing. It is impossible to conceive that a well funded, highly trained army with a clear military strategy could rise unnoticed by tthe vast intelligence networks of  the U.S.  military industrial complex.  
The situation in the Middle East is now so entangled it is virtually impossible to undo the   tightening knot. In essence we have a proxy war between the U.S. backed groups and Russian backed Iranian and Syrian regimes. At the same time, Turkey are at odds with Syrian Kurds while Iraqi Kurds valiantly fight off  ISIS more or less alone. Iranian Shi'ites are on the ground in Iraq amongst Iraqi Sunnis and Shi'ites, usually fighting each other, trying to fend off ISIS while Assad is besieged by various groupings fighting his regime including ISIS. This of course means ISIS and the U.S. backed militias trying to get rid of  Assad are allies in this pursuit, a conflict of interest if ever there was one.
If this is not bewildering enough the Saudis are engaged in Yemen against Iranian backed Houthi rebels. Turkey, a NATO ally, has been allowing ISIS to come and go across it's borders more or less at will, seeing the Syrian Kurds as a major threat to it's own stability  and thus undermining the fight against ISIS. 
This may all sound impossibly surreal but the reality is undoubtedly more complex than this. Add the endless Israeli/Palestinian conflict into the equations and possible permutations become almost incalculable. It will also not have escaped the readers notice that the biggest benefactor of Arab fighting Arab, is Israel! The reader will draw his own conclusions. 
What is clear is that this unspeakable horror show is and has been deliberately manipulated by insane sociopaths in Washington for their own megalomaniacal geo-political ends. It is only the Russians and now Chinese that stand in their way. Hence the     need to discredit and if possible engineer the overthrow of Putin who although far from      saintly is looking more saintly everyday, by comparison to his American counterparts. 
 In his interview Kissinger presents this apocalyptic scenario as though it were driven by the stupidity of the world at large. It's our fault, the fault of the "sheeple" who must be saved from themselves by the enlightened New World Order which of course irepresented by the Old World Order of which he and his shadowy elite are the central players. This is a travesty of the truth.
We the "sheeple" have no power, no Industrial Military Complex, no intelligence  gathering agencies, no private armies, no access to unlimited funds, no control over corporate media, etc., with which to control or manipulate world economic, social, or political events. Furthermore, we have no meaningful access to an unlistening, largely uncaring and remote political and corporate elite. 
So how is it our fault the world is in such a bloody mess? This is not the world the vast majority of us want. It is the world the elite have created in their pursuit of personal power and ill designed geopolitical stratagems. We the "sheeple" are merely lambs sent to the slaughter by them for their benefit, not ours - obviously not ours! Hundreds of millions of us have perished on  battlefields all over the planet for millennia so they can rule the world. In the meantime a billion people continue to live in abject poverty and hunger, many trapped in endless wars and subjected to endless terror.
It is indeed an horrific nightmare, dreamed up by mad sociopaths in Washington and turned into a twisted reality in the sands of the Middle East and North Africa. 
Are we really that stupid? Will we really let them get away with it or will we see this     gargantuan deceit for what it is and send them all packing back to their hovels or preferably to the jails, they belong in? Maybe then we can reach out as people to each other and really build a better world for the many rather than the few.  


Anonymous said...

Superb clarity!!!

This is everything I intuitively thought and now believe. I'd like to print this piece to share it with friends and family, but most of all for my children. They will be part of the future and I want them with eyes wide open to the false narrative fed to us daily.

May I have your permission to copy and share?

Highest Regards

speakeezie said...

Thanks for your comments. The article is open for public viewing so no problem. Use it as you see fit.