Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The broken society

Over the last ten years I have had many conversations with people about the parlous state of our country. Many were unable to comprehend how we came to sink so low on so many levels. All without exception blamed soft headed thinking at the highest and lowest levels of national and local government which has led to a rapid degredation of morality, parental control, discipline as well as alienation from the political process.

The majority of people in this country have known what is wrong with this country for years but have been unable to convey their fears and concerns to unlistening representatives, more concerned with the perks of political power than the interests of the country. Politicians of all parties have been only too willing to sell sound principles down the drain, if it means winning votes to either hold on to or gain power.

The constant drip drip effect of years of political expediency has led to a gradual weakening of the solid foundations that gave order, principle and stability to our society. We no longer value the cornerstone of any society, the family unit, as we used to do. The media has done its damndest to focus our attention on meaningless drivel, celebrity and youth culture, giving both a superficial gravitas they do not merit.

Instead, the wisdom of the elderly has been devalued to such an extent that the elderly are more or less seen as an inconvenience to be ignored, a class of people with no value and yet it was they who fought for the freedom of those that followed. We have broken our society or rather those that serve us have failed us lamentably and still they will not recognise it.

We the people know what has gone wrong and we know how to fix it but are prevented from doing so by those who legislate, not in the interests of the country but the pursuit of their own political agenda and the ultimate reward of power. If there is a vote in it, they will do it, regardless of the long term effects.

Poor foundations can only make for an unstable building.

It must stop. We must re-build the foundations and construct a sustainable society in which we can all play a part and take pride. That is the task for which we elect leaders. That is the challenge before them.

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