Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tsunami Coming

The sub-prime mortgage crisis is a ripple in a pond compared to the gathering tsunami about to be unleashed as a result of worldwide food shortages. One hundred million people are now facing the risk of starvation and food riots are breaking out in numerous countries with serious consequences for everyone. It is now that those who in the past, have not understood the meaning of the term “global village,” will come to realise its significance.

Countries like India are cutting back on the export of certain commodities to ensure sufficient food for their own population. Other countries will inevitably follow suit. This will lead to even more dramatic increases in food prices and increasing shortages for everyone.

I have always believed that “globalisation” was a false and dangerous concept, the ultimate pursuit of fool’s gold by greedy corporate and political pirates, chasing an elusive treasure of ever lower manufacturing costs and higher profits. As a consequence we have let our fields lie fallow, taken our manufacturing overseas and sold our utilities to the highest bidder.

In short we are no longer independent but dependent on others and circumstances elsewhere for food, and energy. This grotesque lack of vision, this vacuum of wisdom has meant we are now all sailing in a single ship instead of a convoy of many. When it sinks we all go down

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