Monday, July 02, 2007

The Fear Factor

It is strange how the powers that be appear to continually create a fear syndrome, a false enemy in order to unite unruly and rebellious citizens behind a common cause. In the recent past we have had the "threat" of communism in the form of the Soviet Union followed by multiple health scares, obesity, second hand smoke, bird flu, MRSN, high cholesterol and every thing in between. On top of that we have the threat of terrorism, nuclear holocost, global freezing (in the 60's), now 50 years later we have global warming.

In the meantime everyone is trading with China despite human rights abuses. Odd that we supplied Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden with arms to fight proxy wars, that Noriega was at first an ally and then a threat, Marcos, Mobutu and Idi Amin too, but to name a few. It suggests there is at the very least, a lot of duplicity about or worse, the ruling elite are either too clever by far, for their own good and ours or simply have no insight or understanding as to where their actions will ultimately lead. It seems to me that what we really need to fear is the myopia of those we trust to govern us.

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Anonymous said...

There is far too little wisdom and much too much political expediency in the corridors of power.