Tuesday, August 22, 2006

U.K. Immigration Debacle

When Tony Blair originally stated that only 13,000 immigrants were expected from new EU member states some two years ago, those who have some idea of how the real world works, fell about laughing at his duplicity.

During previous election campaigns this government had the affrontary to lable anyone who had the courage to raise the issue of immigration as a subject for discussion as racist, cynically discrediting their views by pulling out and waving the race card. It was a shameful disgrace. Now John Reid the new home secretary is hypocritically calling for a national debate on the subject. It's too late now Mr. Reid!

Does anyone in this country believe a word this government says anymore and who believes their "latest" figures showing that since accession of the new EU states 600,000 immigrants or migrants have come into the U.K.? Nobody I know has any faith in any figures this Government publishes. Right or wrong anyone who underestimates the numbers by more than 46 times is incompetent and a dimwit.

The fact of the matter is that as the economies of the newly joined EU states improve, many of those who came here for higher wages will return to their home countries as demand for their services grow and wages consequently rise. This is already happening. Poland has started a recruitment drive offering incentives to Poles in Britain to return.

Having said all that, the immigrants that I have come across are in most instances better educated and better mannered than a great many Brits anyway. Perhaps one benefit of their presence will be an improvement in the gene pool in this country which as far as I can see is in dire need of refreshment!

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