Thursday, March 23, 2006

Note To: David Cameron - Conservative Party Leader (UK)

A Matter Of Priniciple

The idea that an opposition party will support government legislation which is clearly in the interests of the country, is a noble and desirable ideal. It is a policy which must obviously be beneficial to the whole nation and would if implemented with integrity and honesty, restore much needed faith in our political institutions.

However, such a policy pursued cynically with the intent of belittling or embarrassing the government or the Prime Minister of the day is not only hypocritical but will serve only to disenchant and further augment the cynicism of sceptical voters.

An opposition party that behaves and acts honourably at all times in the best interests of the country, will ultimately gain the respect and trust of voters from all sides of the political divide and will thus ultimately, be entrusted with long term power.

It has never made any sense to opportunistically oppose a policy or some specific legislation for the sake of opposing, irrespective of whether or not it is good for the country. This is the fundamental mistake that all political parties and most politicians have made since time immemorial. It has eroded all respect for politics and its practitioners. It is a destructive, illogical and therefore ultimately unintelligent strategy, that ill serves politicians and voters alike. It is simply bad for the country and bad for democracy.

It has always been my experience that if you act honestly and with good intention on the basis of sound and intelligent principle, you have nothing to fear from anyone. There are no weapons, no words nor arguments, powerful enough to destroy true integrity. On the contrary those that seek to destroy truth and integrity are exposed and destroyed by the fallibility of their own hypocrisy and the dubious nature of their motivations.

The leader who truly understands the profundity of this wisdom can change the world, eventually. It cannot nor will not happen overnight but it is the only way the world can be changed for the better. Nothing worthwhile or lasting has ever been constructed on a foundation of hypocrisy, spin, greed or lies. This is an inescapable and fundamental truth that politicians should, indeed must come to understand, if we are ever going to build a fairer more just world.


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