Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Malawi leader settles into palace

According to a BBC report, Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika has moved into a palace outside the capital, Lilongwe, which previously housed the country's parliament. Mr Mutharika's decision to settle into the 300-room palace caused outrage when it was announced in July.

Most of the parliament's staff are now based at a nearby venue belonging to a merchant bank, but MPs are still seeking a debating chamber. Parliamentary committees have been holding their meetings in a motel.

The presidential palace was built at a cost of $100m by former President Hastings Kamuzu Banda - but he only stayed there for 90 days.

Besides hundreds of air-conditioned rooms, it has its own school and supermarket. Parliament moved into the venue in 1995.

Mr Mutharika said he wanted to move from his Blantyre residence to Lilongwe, as part of attempts to streamline government operations.

But the opposition says the decision runs against his promises to cut government expenditure. MPs have rejected the idea of moving to a sports stadium and have been searching for new premises.

Mr Mutharika was elected in a bitterly contested poll in May.


In the meantime Western leaders like Britain's Chancellor of The Exchequer, Gordon Brown are proposing that the West cancels third world debt! Well that should go some way to paying for Mr. Mutharika's 300 room palace and a new parlaiment for the minions!

Wake up Mr. Brown et al! I say not a penny till these corrupt African demigogs put their houses in order. It is simply throwing good tax payers money after bad!

The naivity of our leaders is at times bewildering beyond belief.

There is no point in giving money to corrupt and incompetent third world governments.

Most of it will either be squandered, or find its way into Swiss numbered bank accounts. Perhaps Mr. Blair and Brown can explain to us how that is going to eradicate third world poverty because for the life of me, it's beyond me!

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